Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 lb $220 rectangular biodegradable dumbbell anyone? ;)

Day 53

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I behaved really well today. I think I’m entering the zone. I got up w/o a snooze button fest and got 45 min of am cardio in. Then I hit the Stairs at the rec 3 hours later while clearing chapter 14 from my acct 342 book and logged another 50 min of cardio. The first 5 was running on a treadmill waiting for a StairMaster, the latter 45 on the stairs. My 95 minutes of cardio logged today garnered me a sweet 989 cal burn. I did some quick abs and some extended hamstring stretching plus one set of pull-ups for fun. Today is working out to be an off day for weights as I have a two hour chest and back stint planned for tomorrow plus two cardio sessions so if I trained biceps/triceps/shoulders tonight I’d go into that tomorrow’s workout weak. I trained legs yesterday so it was a super cardio day today.

I’m proud of the macro ratios I maintained today too. I ate 194 grams of protein, 136 grams of carbs and 66 grams of fat (good fat from almonds, etc.) today. So my macro ratio clocks in at 49% protein 34% carbs & 17% Fat. Nice =) Easy trick if you still want to run cals – you can do it off your macros to save time: protein and carbs are 4 cals / gram and fat is 9 cals / gram, so 194(4) + 136(4) + 66(9) = 1,914 cals ingested – 1,448 BMR – 989 Training = Net Cal Loss of 523 =)

I quite enjoy making thoroughly cheesy videos so check out my favorite abs move ~the Decline Dumbbell Push Crunch ~ I use a 10 lb DB currently, but if you’re ever wishing for a 7 lb DB my cheesy vid can help you find one…hehe.

I’m too lazy to type out all that I ate tonight – it was a 100% clean diet day though – I’m too busy staring down classfinder as I get to register tomorrow afternoon for spring quarter and all the stuff I wanted is filled or filling fast. If you’re curious though, check out the pic; that’s what this training log looks like before it turns blog.

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