Saturday, March 26, 2011


Picture rundown:

1)I'm starting to get back definition, I still have too much fat and hydration covering it though. That's the top of a DB Overhead Shoulder Press.

2) This was my attempted self-portrait after noticing how much different my face is looking. This is also why you cannot photograph shit with muscle quiver.

3) Those are my calluses. I've worked hard on those, haha, and I'm proud of them =)

4) I bugged a guy to take the pic for me. It turned out great though. My delt caps are looking great from behind. I wish I had more V-taper, but that takes time. I'll be showing it more prominently by my 2nd competition.

5) That's a scan of page 1 of today's notebook log. I'm not sure what possessed me into starting off with 13 sets of lat pulldowns, but hell I want my V! (yes yes a little late for the EC I know)

Day 78

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This morning I got up and looked in the bottom of 3 cups of coffee for my energy, but didn't happen across it. I went to Gold's anyways. Here's the entertaining part (at least to me). I busted out a pretty tough 1 hour and 45 minute weights session hitting back, biceps, and shoulders. I wrapped up with 15 minutes of cardio on the StairMaster. It would have / should have been longer cardio, but as usual I run long on weights and then run out of my childcare hours fast (2 hour max per visit.

Energy free me started out the back session with 13 sets of Lat Pulldowns (a bit more than half wide grip, the rest reverse narrow grip). I can guarantee I'll be feeling my lats tomorrow, actually I think I'm feeling them a bit already now =). It was kind of trippy, as I moved on to DB Bent Over Single Rows, Seated Cable Rows, Straight Bar Pushdowns, DB Pullovers, Seated BB Biceps Curls, Close Grip Standing BB Curls, Standing DB Bicep Curls, Overhead DB Presses, Upright Standing BB Rows, BB Military Presses, Lateral Raises, and Front Raises it was kind of like I wasn't even there. I was proud of my weights. I kept up my usual numbers for most, increased reps above average for some heavies, and did my arm work the "harder way" (full set each arm before switching rather than alternating arms. I noticed while looking in the mirror from my bench that my face is starting to change. I have a pointier face, nit in a bad way, but my features are more pointed, I look more serious, and I occasionally bust out an Elvis-esque lip curl when pushing for an extra rep that isn't really in me. I tried to take a picture of my new look, just holing my phone up to shoot the mirror, but I had muscle quivers since the lat pulldowns so the camera wasn't steady. Autopilot. I like being on autopilot. Thinking too much in the gym detracts from the task at hand. Just being and doing is better.


145.2 grams Protein 172.4 grams Carbs 66.1 grams Fat

Cal Tally

1,865.3 kcals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(749) Training
(331.7) Net Loss

My protein should have been a little higher, carbs a little lower, fat a few grams lower. Good stats today, just room for improvement. What happened? I didn't plan the whole day at breakfast. I ate from my list, but I was pulling each meal from the air. If I plan them all at breakfast I can control the end counts from the start, far less room for unintentional error.

While I am still running a net loss I should be doing cardio right now as C is in bed and I need it to burn more fat off. That was my plan, to do it after he was in bed to make up for only getting 15 minutes at the gym earlier. I feel shitty that I'm not doing it I really do, BUT there is a balance to play with. The occasional prioritization of self-preservation. Choosing rest over cardio too much may cause me to not gt my body fat as low as it could be and consequently not place as well as I could have. I realize this and I also realize that I have too much else on my plate to run myself down as far as I would otherwise be willing to. I have to remind myself that this is supposed to be getting my feet wet. That the hardcore round won't come until my second competition. That feels like an excuse. How fun would that be to train for a competition without any other obligations ( aside from C man that is), but no school, no work? Just gym time, gym time, gym time, sleeping 10 hours at night, and eating with the utmost resolve and good behavior. What a dream =)

On that note, I'm going to bed early - it's much needed.

Night night =)

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