Saturday, March 19, 2011

Screw Cake, Let Them Eat Steak!

Day 71

Saturday, March 20, 2011

Ribeye, medium rare. Grilled with sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and melted butter. Maybe a side of mushrooms. Mmmm that's my steak.

Yeah,That doesn't fit my diet =)

Gotta keep it lean baby, so New York is where it's at.

6 oz. grilled with S&P, no butter.

I ate that with a bunch of of baby carrots, orange bel pepper, and green beans dipped in my last few tablespoons of hummus. All as my 2nd lunch (eating six times a day causes one to start renaming the meals). We're out visiting my mom for a few days so then I took a 30 minute sort of asleep nap and hit my old gym for two hours. Today chest and triceps were up on the rotation. Training them took about an hour and 20 minutes and then I did 40 min of cardio on the elliptical to round things out. 'll be back there again tomorrow, but I haven't decided if it will be leg day or biceps and shoulders day yet.

My macros are in good shape right now:

158 grams protein 170 grams carbs 51 grams fat

1,771 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(953) Training
(630) Net Loss *

* I am posting early tonight because I'm going out with old friends I haven't seen in too long. I plan to eat once more, likely a 250-300 call something or other, def protein heavy. Either the Think Thin bar in my purse, a MyoFusion chocolate shake when I get home, or a grilled chicken breast or shrimp cocktail wherever we're at.I can eat out on this diet, I just have to plan =) I know I'll definitely be drinking diet coke/pepsi and I'm debating a real drink. I think I mentioned in an old post at some point that I'm really not a drinker. I do like an occasional drink though, actually the last drink I had was out to dinner on my birthday in October so there's my definition of"occasional drinking" for you haha. I'm debating it though as Im wondering if my change in body composition will make it effect me more or less. I'm a light weight to begin with so if I drink a whole drink someone else might be driving me home.

Night night for now =)

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