Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Last Cheat

Day 62

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It was a good day, I was having an easy time at eating clean and had good macro ratios (43% Protein 45% Carbs 12% Fat) and only 976 cals logged when I left campus at 5 pm. I had to pick up one thing at the store and the notion of doing my last cheat meal surfaced. Somehow that snowballed into the idea that as it would be the last full blown cheat before the EC I should do it with total freedom. The original intent was to do roast beef and muenster cheese on croissants with au jus – best version of a French dip I’m aware of (the muenster is my friend Rachel’s thing). So I got stuff for those and then a Cadbury Crème Egg got in the cart. Then C wanted a steamer on the way out so I bought two of those addictive mini vanilla bean scones from Starbucks that I used to love(read: used to eat). Then I was thinking about how it was the last cheat and I decided to tack on pizza and cinnamon balls with vanilla ice-cream from my favorite ice cream place. It was just a 7” Hawaiian pizza, C had two slices of it, and I only ate a few of the cinnamon balls. I was going for the small quantity of a variety of things cheat approach.

By the end though I felt way too full and just generally gross.Once you condition your body to only eat small quantities of clean foods (keep in mind I eat 6 times a day, every 2-3 hours) eating a gluttonous serving of carbity carb carb carbs will just plain make you feel sick. I won’t be doing that again. It’s all mental. Once I was digging into all the things I’m not allowed to have I realized that they were nowhere near as good as I’d built them up to be. By the end I was disappointed I hadn’t had an avocado, some almonds, bell peppers, and fresh fish instead. Tomorrow is a new day, the 5 week out mark, and I’m back on.

I didn’t work out at all today, I’ve been running really short on sleep, yesterday’s double workout took a toll on me, and I needed the time to study. I prefer to cheat on a rest day. If you cheat after a great workout it is such a detractor. I think the beauty of the cheat meal is that the way you feel afterwards makes you really realize why you eat clean and how worth it sticking to your diet is because it makes you feel strong, powerful, and healthy. You know the polar opposite effect of the cheat meal. Last cheat logged, 5 weeks to go, abd I’m not looking back.

My posing suit shipped today for the fitting. I’m excited to see it and that will produce a great blog post to boot! =)

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