Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Cartoon Carb Devil & The Cartoon Cardio Angel

Day 72

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My title is meant to be taken in jest, but as with any other joke, a grain of truth. Keeping this up 7 days a week really begins to feel like here's one of those little cliché cartoon devils on one shoulder trying to tempt me with carbs and on the other shoulder the complementary cliché cartoon angel telling me to do my cardio.

I’ve been largely lazy today. Well not actually lazy, but I am tired. I realize I should talk myself into making tomorrow an actual official rest day, but I keep thinking, shoulders, shoulders, you need to train your shoulders.

Also, sometimes I just want to eat without thinking about carbs and just eat until I’m full. Not last night. I was actually pretty well behaved going out. I had a Guinness and was pleasantly surprised when I looked it up later that the whole big tall glass only had 16 grams of carbs, for perspective an apple has 27. What really surprised me was that it also had 4 grams of protein. I didn’t expect there to have been any. Krysta gave me a great tip about the menu and I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps she’s pointed out. They were really good and basically “clean” as I used minimal amounts of the chili and peanut sauces and just sprinkled a little rice on as a condiment leaving the majority behind. I did, however, have 5 pieces o Krysta and Eli’s delicious nacho plate. Eli kind of looks like a bad influence in the picture doesn’t he? Nah, it was my own idea =)

Mentally, these last 4 weeks are definitely the hardest. I’ve been at this, well for 72 days (haha see above) and I feel like I would like a little break, a day without overthinking everything I’m eating, feeling that I HAVE to do weights that day and I HAVE to do cardio too. I miss the doing it all because I want to. I also realize that I can’t slack now though, I just have to do it. It may be just under 4 weeks out, but really it is less time than that. The Emerald Cup is Friday, April 15th, but the last day I can workout is Monday, April 11th. Why? Because on Tuesday I have to start rationing my water. Sounds pleasant right? Thee are a lot of rough bits and pieces necessary to competition that you don’t ever hear about until you’re doing it yourself. My armpits may also turn green from the airbrush tanning, but I find that funnier than anything. Mainly because my PT says it isn’t noticeable on stage.

I feel really great about having my body fat as low as it is. I even ran into a guy I know at the gym today who after hearing it said his was 17%, almost 2% higher than mine, haha, and he is in really good shape, just no crazy diet. Even though my number is good I still feel fat for competition. Please don’t jump all over me for saying that. I realize in terms of the world that is a ridiculous thing for me to say, but in terms of figure it isn’t. I still need to lean out more so that muscles in my quads show, so that the V in my back is more pronounced, so that my abs are flatter. They call it an extreme sport for a reason.

I screwed up my eating today. I didn’t get all the way out of bed until almost 10:30 am (thanks mom!); I did make myself go do am cardio. It doesn’t really matter what time it is, what is key is that you do it right after you get up and most importantly before you eat anything. So I went running off down the road without my iPod because the roads have no sidewalks and are quite curvy by my mom’s house so being oblivious to cars is just plain dumb. I really thrive on music for cardio though so I was having a hard time at it. I had no clue how long I’d been gone and when I got back it turned out it was only a 14minute run, I’d been aiming for 20ish. My first two meals basically rolled together as I didn’t start until 11 am. I got back on track after that though. Then I worked out from 5-7 pm tonight training legs and biceps and doing cardio at Xtreme. The problem was that by the time I got home I was starved. I had also picked up a loaf of Dave’s Killer Seed Bread, which is to die for, and I wound up carbing up inner more than a well-behaved figure girl would have or should have. It was a good workout though: squat rack pyramid (max at 155 lbs – only a weak back cushion available), walking 40 lb barbell lunges, 3 other varieties of lunges, barbell dead lifts (80 lbs), hip adductors (80 lbs) superset with hip abductors (120 lbs), seated and standing barbell bicep curls (50 lbs), incline bench dumbbell curls (20 lbs), and a 30 minute interval program on an elliptical. I wanted to do shoulders today too, but I was tired and hungry and needed to get home to put C man to bed. I should have powered through and done shoulders though. It’s silly, but I’m always paranoid if I go too many days without hitting a muscle group I’ll wake up the next day and all the definition will be gone. Daily training just keeps me on edge like that.

So here are my macros, not great, but not horrific. Ironically, carbs are my only macro that is what it should be. Protein is too high and fat is too high. Protein is too high because I just plain ate too much today and I’ve conditioned myself to favor protein. Fat is too high because I ate a 200 cal pack of almonds earlier and a Larabar too, those 2 items right there account for 21 of the fat grams, meanwhile the 6 oz. NY steak only accounts for 9 grams. Not quite what you were presuming eh? May cals are way too high, like 500 cals too high. Tomorrow’s a new day and can be a better one.

226 grams Protein 176 grams Carbs 90 grams Fat


Cal Tally:

2,418 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(993) Training
(23) Net Loss


  1. Jenny, you've been doing so well!! Its so close!

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