Sunday, March 27, 2011

She HIIT Me!

What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training. It’s also something I’ve been meaning to start doing. It is among one of the best possible cardio options for burning fat. You can reinvent it a million ways, but basically it is short in duration (20-30 minute range), gets the heart rate up, and features intervals either between intensity on a singular exercise or a mix of plyos, weights, and various cardio machines. There are a lot of ways to do it.

Day 79

Sunday, March 27, 2011

C man had plans without me today so I went to The Rec and got to see Laura my PT today. She’s competing next Saturday so today is day 1 of her peak week. Ahhhh! She looks great and I’m betting she’ll place 1st or at worst 2nd in the tall bikini class =) The last week is mainly about not going crazy and I’ll get to try it firsthand in less than 2 weeks, ahhh! ;)

I got there early and did 20 minutes on the StairMaster before meeting up with Laura. We did an intense legs session today. Lots of super setting with no rest. She decided to be “evil” and add on a HIIT session using the StairMaster with weighted static lunges, squats, prone leg curls, and hip adductors / abductors. To quote Laura she said I could get my “rest” during the session “when climbing the stairs” lol. Some posing practice in the mirrored room too. N case you ever wondered what a stick figure who has just won 1st place in her figure class looks like there’s one illustrated by my PT on today’s training scan pic. Lol.

I was coming in short on protein today and when shopping at TJ’s the steaks looked REALLY good. They had a tender sirloin cut claiming only 5 g of fat and 25 g of protein in 4 oz so I got it. The steak I ate from the pack was goooooooooood and about 6 oz. I just cooked it with salt and pepper. Served it with a cup of steamed spinach, some mustard sauce for dipping (basically no cal) and a small pile f marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts. It was tasty! Didn’t violate my macro or cal parameters either muahahaha. Marinated mushrooms, art hearts, pickled green beans, pickled asparagus, actual pickles. I like to keep some or all of these around for a quick essentially cal free salty crazing fix. Good stuff =)


132.6 grams Protein 136.1 grams Carbs 68.4 grams Fat

Cal Tally

1,690.4 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(884) Training
(641.6) Net Loss =)

(Yes I am going to bed at 7 pm. I'll have to get back up briefly when C man gets dropped off, but I am that tired. Have a headache too, been taking way too much aspirin lately.)

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