Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camels & Carrots

The featured pic doesn't have much to do with my training other than it is of what my son was off doing with my mom while I was at the gym today. Cute huh? Yes, this town has a token camel.

Day 74

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 am Cardio

My am fat burner aka am cardio went far better this morning. I had made an appointment at 8 am in town to get my car a much needed oil change. I had m mom and C wait till 8:30 to come retrieve me. I had my iPOd and sidewalks so I was free to ran with my all essential gym playlist. I ran around town on the sidewalks, up the port stairs (quite long/steep if I still lived here Id do them repeatedly for pm cardio), and the last 3/4 of a mile on the high school track. All in all my am cardio rain sprinkled jog clocked in at 24 minutes. I'm not a speedy jogger so 'm going to low ball that at 9 cals / minute for a 216 cal burn.

9 am Breakfast

3/4 cup steel cut oatmeal
4 Isernio's chicken apple sausage breakfast links
Coffee + low carb nondairy creamer
3 strawberries

11:30 am Hungry!

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion shaken with water

12:45 am Lunch out with my Mom & C Man at one of my 2 favorite hometown restaurants

I went in thinking I was thinking smart, but this is where I screwed my fat ratio for the day.

1/2 MC Everyday Salad (yummy field greens, carrots, red onion, a sprinkle of feta, sunflower seeds, and golden raisins)

1 slice (8 oz.) meatloaf

I believe their meatloaf is made of a mixture of pork and beef. It also has Delicious mushrooms in it and carrots, onion, celery, etc.

Upon arriving home I looked up the stats for 80% lean ground beef. Ahhhhhhh! 36 grams of fat, at least there were 54 grams of protein too. I tacked on 10 grams of carbs to guesstimate the mixed-in veg, seasonings, et al. If Laurie happens to read this and tell me they actuly use 95% lean ground beef that would be awesome! In the interim I like to track based upon the worst case scenario =)

My other favorite restaurant here is soooooo yummy, but there is no way I could go there without it being a full on big ole cheat meal. I'm looking forward to dining there again sometime soon after the EC, but in the meantime I enjoy the food porn provided by their specials pics in my FB feed, hehe.

2:55-4:45 pm Training Shoulders, Back, and Abs + PM Cardio @ Xtreme

Weight training as recorded on the clipboard pic above (click to enlarge if curious=)

Plus 30 minutes elliptical cross training 1 routine res 5

319 cals burned 2.97 miles logged

Despite a full back and shoulders session I pulled off a set of 7 pull-ups right on my ay out the door. I was so pumped up, just the right song on my playlist, all hyped up from cardio and abs and the good weights session behind me. Also, the new scenery, conquering a pull-up bar at a gym where I had never touched one before had me mentally boosted to hit it hard. 7 real pull-ups is my new record - I keep working towards my goal of 12 in a set - I'll get there eventually =)

5:15 pm Protein!

1 scoop Optimum Nutrition ake Batter Whey shaken with water

This stuff is sooooo much better with the sugar free Silk soy milk I buy, but I'm trying to get my daily cal tally lower now so 120 cals with water beats out 200 cals with soy.

Hi! It's 5:50 pm right now and I'm typing this. I misread the schedule so we won't be home until late tonight. As such I'm writing this now instead of before bed as usual. I'm also drinking a 0 cal Pepsi max I'd intended for the trip. I know diet soda is just generally bad, but it will make you feel full on zero cals and zero macro ratio effects so I have been including it randomly lately.
I'm going to pre-write the rest of my planned eating for the night. If it is altered I'll update this, but writing it out is actually a good tool to motivate me to stick to my dinner / bedtime snack plans.

6:30 pm Dinner

6 oz. seasoned & oven seared chicken breast

2 cups veg (baby carrots, red bell pepper, and asparagus blanched al dente & served cold)

9:30 pm Fuel on the Freeway Home

Think Thin Bar

Today's Macros:

Protein 205 grams Carbs 130 grams Fat 72 grams

Hey that's a surprise! My carbs are rolling in way low for the day (they should be about equal to protein), fat is only rolling in 3 grams heavy (despite my meatloaf debacle - yay!), and protein is at the max it should be. Ideally the protein count should be about 35 grams less. I'm writing thie before having eaten my chicken and veg dinner or my Think Thin bar freeway snack, but I can't just not eat them. If I don't fuel I'll a. go crazy with hunger b. cannibalize muscle in the night from going too many hours sans fuel. I'm going to convert to planing entire days of food and the corresponding macros in advance so this retrospective "this should have been this business stops =)

Cal Tally

1,988 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(925) Training + Cardio
(385) Net Loss =)

See what a difference training days have over rest days? Love my cal tally on a training day, not so much on a rest day.

I usually only post my training record sheets, but I added a pic of my food macro tracking method today too. I'm pretty simplistic. I've downloaded various Android apps or glanced at online tracking programs in the past, but I just prefer scratch paper and a quickie trip to look up stuff I don't know by heart in the cal/macro dictionary known as calorieking.com =)

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