Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hannah - You Rock! & Kelly - Thank Ya! =)

Day 75

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I did a Body Pump class today. It was good, kinda "faith in working out restoring" kind of good because Body Pump classes are what got me interested in all this craziness in the first place. (Thanks Jackie!=) I finally brought a guest. Since starting going to BP in late July I've bugged: Kelly, Eli, Darene, Rachel, Megan, Karen, and my hairdresser, Amy, to come try it. Nope! No luck, but Hannah, my awesome kick ass cyclocross racer buddy was up for it. My first BP guest =) Guess what she did there? Rolled the heaviest weight in the class on every track but back track! Granted there were only 5 of us today and there are usually 30, but I know what people lift in there (because I'm usually doing my best to be the, or among, the heaviest ;) and she still would have had the heaviest barbell. Kudos my friend =) Go Hannah!

I'm really tired. I think I finally know what people have been talking about. Various times in the last month I've run into people who know a thing or two about figure. I've told them what I'm up to and they have all commented along the lines of "oh you don't have 'that look' yet. How's your energy level been?" They weren't referring to my physique. No, they meant I didn't look tired, underfed, and overworked yet, haha. I think my body has reached it's max point of neutrality on the issue and has now decided to go to war (with me). It just wants to go back to eating normally so badly. I'm not giving in, but it feels like a biological push, not just a craving. My body wants to ratchet body fat back up and put back on weight to get back to its happy little set point homeostasis zone. Meanwhile, I'm telling it, sorry no, you have to wait another 3 weeks and then you can get your way (to a point). So we are at war. At least there is a known peace date - I wish real wars were so simply quelled.

I won today:


160 grams protein 166 grams carbs 49 grams fat

Cal Tally

1,745 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(758)Training *
(461) Net Loss =)

*(390 cals for 1 hour of Body Pump + 368 cals for 30 minutes of intense elliptical cardio (steady climb program) late this evening at home. Kelly may live 86 miles away (unfortunately!) but we are always chatting on gmail. I happened to see her and tell her, about 9 pm, that all I wanted to do was go to bed and could she please say some magical thing to make me want to go use my elliptical. She's had a nasty bug for a week and so she said "please use elliptical for me cause i can't
cause i'm still stick" and it worked. I started thinking, hmmm, it is only 30 minutes, you can watch Friends while you're doing it, you know you'd just stay up in bed watching Friends that long anyways, so just go get on your elliptical silly goose! So thank you Kelly, motivation coach from afar, and wake up feeling all better tomorrow, k? =)

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