Monday, February 28, 2011

Macro Tracking Begins & Gorilla Glutes

Practicing posing with my PT this afternoon turned pretty hilarious. I was doing my quarter turns in the mirror and she randomly goes, “you’re starting to make me look really skinny!” Then we both started busting up laughing, because jeez doesn’t that sound like the worst thing a PT could say to their client? Hehe. Except it’s not, because Laura competes in the Bikini class which is idealized by slender and subtle muscle definition and I’m competing in Figure which requires a still slender but larger muscle definition (biceps that pop, sculpted shoulders, etc.) so my making her look skinny is a compliment to the both of us =)

I had a hugely delicious dinner tonight. It was just a broccoli beef stir-fry recipe from F&M Hers, but the lime juice and lots of fresh ginger with the soy really made the flavor pop. The sauce was jst thickened up with cornstarch so you get the illusion of richness without the cals. Delicious! The stats are good too (38 g protein, 10 g carbs, 20 g fat / serving). I forgot to take a picture though so this post lacks multimedia ;)

Today was the first day of the macro tally. You know what is rather depressing? How many “clean” foods are chock full of carbs. Larabars are clean – they’re nuts and dates that’s it, but those dates pack a big 23 g / bar punch of carbs. An apple packs 25 g carbs, a cup of cooked kale has 7 carbs, my oatmeal has 27 g carbs, ½ cup of brown rice has 23 g carbs. Carbs are lurking everywhere. Argh! Clearly Larabars can no longer be a daily treat. They’ll be relegated to 3-4 a week. I can see why people ditch fruit, that little apple had more carbs in it than my ½ cup of brown rice. Neither my aunt nor my PT give up fruit entirely though and they both have kicked ass at their own lean outs so I’ll keep it in limited rotation. Today’s ratio came out to 40% protein 44% carbs and 16% fat. The carb cycling info I looked into uses a rotation of three days: the low carb day, no carb day, and high carb day. I suppose today would qualify for the high carb day. It dictates 1 gram of carb per lb of body weight on the low carb day, unlimited carbs from only approved low glycemic sources (i.e. oatmeal, 9 grain bread, etc) on the high carb day, and on the no carb day you only get the minimal carbs that sneak in with your green veggies. Keeping fat grams to around 10% of the total is recommended and protein intake stays steady at the 1 -1.5 gram per lb of body weight recommendation throughout. The plan intends for 6 meals to be eaten a day, 4/6 containing carbs on the high carb day and only 3/6 containing carbs on the low carb day. This diet is getting complex! Ah well, I’ll have it down to a science by this time next week ;)

Day 52

Monday, February 28, 2011

8:00 am Breakfast

½ cup oatmeal with 1/3 cup blueberries
1 scoop vanilla MyoFusion shaken with water

11:15 am Lunch

1 cup kale with ½ cup yam and 4 chicken sausage meatballs
Hot tea

12 pm Training Glutes with Laura @ The SRC

So I just got a new issue of F&M Hers and it had a glutes special featuring 3 Bikini Pros and their routines in it. Perfect! So I’d bugged my PT to make it all about the butt today.

1) Squat Rack Extra Deep Squats
1. 90 lbs x 12 reps
2. 90 lbs x 10 reps
3. 100 lbs x 10 reps
4. 120 lbs x 10 reps
5. 120 bs x 10 reps

2) Cable Kickbacks
1. 40 lbs x 10 reps per leg
2. 45lbs x 10 reps per leg
3. 50 lbs x 10 reps per leg
4. 55 lbs x 10 reps per leg

These are awesome. It is going to sound weird, but when you do them it feels like a huge hand (think King Kong) is grabbing your butt, but really it is just your muscle constricting fully. Great way to isolate and tighten up those glutes!

3) Cable Side Extensions
1. 50 lbs x 10 reps per leg
2. 50 lbs x 10 reps per leg
3. 55 lbs x 10 reps per leg
4. 55 lbs x 10 reps per leg

4) Standing Leg Presses on the Assisted Pull-up Machine
1. 100 lbs x 10 reps per leg
2. 115 lbs x 10 reps per leg
3. 115 lbs x 10 reps per leg

5) Unilateral Stiff Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts

1. 30 lbs x 12 reps per leg
2. 30 lbs x 12 reps per leg
3. 30 lbs x 12 reps per leg

Superset with

6) Alternating Weighted Reverse Lunges

1. 15 lb DBs x 20 reps
2. 15 lb DBs x 20 reps
3. 15 lb DBs x 20 reps

7) 15 min posing practice. Quarter turns!

2 pm Refueling

6 oz. chicken breast
1 opal apple
4:15 pm Snack
Cashew Cookie Larabar

6:30 pm Dinner Sooooooooooo Yummy! Yet Clean! =)

1 serving Broccoli Beef recipe from the current issue of F&M Hers
½ cup brown rice

9:00 pm Bedtime snack

1 scoop of chocolate MyoFusion with ice and water in the bullet
Cashew Cookie Larabar
Chamomile tea

Daily Macro Tally

Protein 174 grams (40% of total intake)
Carbohydrates 188 grams (44% of total intake)
Fat 68 grams (16% of total intake)

This ratio needs work. Protein intake is in the desired range for muscle growth (1-1.5 grams per lb of body weight), but carbs are too high and fat should be a tad lower although it is healthy fat.

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