Thursday, March 17, 2011

Movie Montage - This is a fun one! =)

Rather than rambling today like usual I’m going with a video montage that I had a lot of fun making. The song is Hey Hey Hey Hey by Michael Franti and I’m a fan of the laid back juts be happiness of the chorus.

Day 69

St Patty’s Day

Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 am Cardio

30 min Elliptical Hill Climb
357 cals burned

9:45 am Breakfast

Late & lazy Day I know.

My son is awesome and let me do cardio while he was awake. Yes! No 6 am alarm necessary over spring break =)

Coffee with low cal creamer
1 scoop cake batter whey with nf sugar free Silk soy milk (awesomely low carb being the selling factor here)

12:45 Lunch

4 oz. Chicken breast
½ yellow bell pepper
½ cup baby carrots
¾ cup green beans
2 T hummus for dipping
1 slice Trader Joe’s California Protein Bread

3:30 pm simple non-clean carb moment – but macro ratio maintained

I'm scapegoating a thread I read on for this. They were talking about eating whatever you wanted as long as you keep your macro ratios straight when the day is done. That idea stuck in my head....muahahaha.

30 cherry Jelly Bellys
1 petite vanilla bean scone from Starbucks (5 g fat, 0 protein, 21 grams carbs)

4:30 pm Fuel for the gym
8 oz. red shrimp & 8 asparagus spears with hot sauce and citrus (limes & oranges)
½ cup brown rice

5:30-7:15 pm Training Legs @ Gold’s

Se pic and click to enlarge if you’re curious – I rather like the laziness of just posting my handwritten workout notes =)

8pm St. Patty’s Day Dinner

Corned Beef and Cabbage of Course! No potatoes for me though.
Hot tea no sweetener
I wasn’t going to have corned beef at all as the one I found at the regular grocery store awhile back had crazy cals and aft counts, but I saw one at TJ’s last week with a reasonable count (190 cals / 11g fat/ 2 g carbs / 20 g protein) so I snagged it =)

10:30 pm Bedtime Snack


I'm going on strike on my macro count today. Not because of the petite scone and Jelly Belly's. Nope! I know my macros are in line, carbs running maybe 5% heavy. I also know that I burned 1,034 cals training today so I'm confident I have a net cal loss. Lastly, I know that I'm tired and don't feel like spending 10-15 min tallying up the whole day's worth. I'm on a one day strike ;) Night night!

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