Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Triple Triceps Circuit, Doubled up Training Sessions, & I am Exhausted

Day 61

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I’m a bit too buried in school stress at the moment to say anything witty so this will be a short one.

The highlights:

I managed 6 1/2 pull-ups today. My previous high was 5. I'll get to my goal of 12 in a set before I know it =)

I did follow through and double up today to make up for not doing weights yesterday. I did a 50 minute intense triceps/biceps/shoulders session before my 10 am class this morning. I also had a great triceps combo that totally killed them at the end. I cycled through standing overhead extensions (25 lbs) kickbacks (15 lbs) and bench body weight dips to failure. Good stuff – feel the burn. Then I came back at 12 pm for an hour of legs and glutes with Laura. Something new – one-legged squats in the Smith Machine – those are kind of crazy – I’m looking forward to feeling them tomorrow. All the specifics of both my training sessions today are in the pics (click to enlarge to a readable size) I lack the time tonight to type them all neat and tidy like I usually do.

If you wrap up pieces of romaine in deli sliced turkey and then dip the whole thing in salsa you can have an almost carb free meal that feels more substantial than it is ;)
Oooh look at my delicious new veg / fruit stash, mmm (hit the store with C man on the way home – he felt that we should buy cupcakes – that got vetoed)

Alrighty, macro ratios and cal tally

~ an aside: today being leg day means I had carb entitlement (only get to say that beautiful sentence twice a week!)

43% Protein (202 grams) 44% Carbs (206 grams) 13% Fat (58 grams)

Today was a heavy day on cals and carbs…what happened is at the store I stumbled on this whole grain bread that is all seedy and sprouted wheaty and otherwise delicious, but only 75 cals / slice 4 g protein 2 g fat and only 13 g carbs (lowest I’ve seen for good bread) so I bought it. That’s all well and good and smart until you eat 4 slices of it after dinner…yeah. It and our other loaf of bread have now joined the other late night temptations in C’s closet. I can’t be trusted with good bread – it’s a major weakness.

Cal Tally
2,007 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(780) Training
(221) Net Loss and tomorrow is a new day.

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