Monday, March 7, 2011


Day 59

Monday, March 07, 2011

This post and likely a few more will be greatly trimmed down from the usual. There’s simply just far too much left to be read, studied and/or tattooed on my brain between now and the 4 finals I have on Monday and Tuesday.

Today’s Highlight’s:

6:25 am Cardio

40 min Elliptical “Hill Climb” program
484 cals burned

12-1 pm Training Chest & Triceps with Laura

Bench Press Pyramid, Bent Arm Cable Pushdowns, Incline Bench DB Press, DB Flies, Triceps Kickbacks, Dips, Push-ups to Failure.

4:15 pm 2nd Session Cardio

I almost flaked on this. I just wasn’t in the mood after tax class. Also, I think I’m starting to get fed up with cardio, in part, because 80% of the time I’m reading a textbook while I’m doing it: on the elliptical at home, on the StairMaster at Gold’s or The Rec, etc. I just lack time so initially that made sense, but it can be a motivation burst killer too. It was beautiful and sunny today so I decided to go for it and jog outdoors. Jogging and I have a longstanding love hate relationship. I love the idea of it, but in function I don’t. I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but distance of any kind has never been my forte at all. In high school, going on 10 years ago (yikes!), I ran track and often joked that the 300 m hurdles were my “long distance event.”

So imagine my surprise today. Out in the sunshine I honestly didn’t want to stop running. I logged 26 minutes and by then I had run from across campus and back randomly looping around many buildings on both ends to add extra time and lunging up various sets of stairs three at a time (that was fun!). In retrospect, I should have just kept going and done a second cross-campus circle. Hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity on the next sunny day. Being able to jog more than twenty minutes without a walking beak is a big deal for me – I’ve never been able to sustain myself well with that. The rest of my training must be paying off =)

If you’ve been wondering what the picture is about, I promptly realized after putting my backpack et al in my trunk that I had to do something with my keys (next time I may just leave everything in my locker at The Rec). So I tied the electronic part of my car key to my shoe. Happily it wasn’t annoying, nor did my shoe lace come undone and send it flying. That would have proved interesting ;) It should be a picture of the gorgeous sunshine, blue sky, and puffy white clouds shining over OM when I was jogging on the north side of campus, but I was sans technology for once.

I’m going to take my outdoor cardio whenever I can get it from here on out. Not to state the obvious, but that sunshine and fresh air is a major mood boost, no wonder my friend Hannah bikes to school and back daily, smart girl ;)

Dinner was the food highlight of the day. I sautéed up a bunch of fresh kale with shallots, garlic, and a small amount of diced Fuji apple. I wilted it and then poured a little green olive juice and cherry balsamic vinegar over. It sounds odd I’m sure, but the salty and sweet added just the right kick. I had baked off some tilapia with lemon and spices that I served overtop the kale. The best part is I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. There’s more to life, even the figure competitor life, than chicken!

Daily Macro / Cal Tally

50% Protein (213 grams) 38% Carbs (163 grams) 12% Fat (54 grams)

1,990 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(913) Training
(371) Net Loss =)

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