Monday, March 14, 2011

The 31 Hour Rebellion (no, not my diet)

Day 66

Monday, March 14, 2011

This post is essentially just an announcement to say I'm not writing a real post tonight. I'm copying formulas and notes into my Code & Regs book for my tax final tomorrow, realizing a have a couple hours to go and that I still need time for my Econ final too (also tomorrow). I thought I would feel better after clearing my first two finals today, but it turns out it gets worse because due to my preference of keeping all my other balls in the air up I didn't fully study for my two Tuesday finals this weekend, only the two Monday ones. So tonight it is.

I just did the math though and suddenly all my STRESS makes perfect sense. Ummm 4 finals in 31 hours and each final is 2 hours so that makes 8/31 hours spent in an exam or 25.8% of this 31 hour period that I'm in the middle of spent in exams.Lol. How do you like that ratio? More interesting than my macros? Remind me NOT to train for a figure competition when I'm taking the CPA exam (14 hours cumulative / 4 sections) that would be laughably psychotic!

Macro Ratios

Protein 36% (145 grams) Carbs 51% (210 grams) Fat 12% (51 grams)

Cal Tally

1,879 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(293) Training (45 min @ 390 / Hr)
138 Net Gain

It's out of whack. Not realizing quite how many carbs it was I decided I deserved a Gingerbread Non-fat Latte in between my back to back finals today. Looked it up tonight - 38 carbs and 11 protein so that threw my ratio. So did the oatmeal I just ate with a teaspoon of whipping cream and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and cinnamon. Yeah, that's right, dairy and sugar! Read it and weep, or maybe not, how about just laugh because you think I'm nutty? ;) I needed comfort food to keep me awake. I cannot wait until tomorrow evening forward, no more big stressors between me and the Emerald Cup, therefore, no more cheats, no more carb excuses, just hardcore lean out and 2-3 hour workouts daily. The good stuff!

All there was time for today was 45 minutes of intense chest and triceps at Gold's. I benched without a spotter, went up to 85 lbs, my one rep max is 105 so not bad alone. I also did 10 minutes of plyos (jumping lunges, jumping prisoner squats, burpees, and mountain climbers) this morning after sleeping in too far for elliptical time (up too late last night too).

My suit came for the fitting today =) I LOVE IT! There will be a proper ode to my suit post tomorrow.

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