Sunday, March 13, 2011

BICEPS = Big Mood Boost =)

Day 65

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The 1st pic was dinner, 6 oz. chicken breast with a handful of olives and marinated mushrooms, various veg, and 4 Tbs of hummus - I found one at TJ's with an acceptable carb/fat count - woohoo!!!

The 2nd is my lazy version of today's 1 hour and 40 minute weights session. After I clear my finals I plan to go back to typing up my training sessions all neat and pretty like I used to =)

Eek! I have 2 finals back to back tomorrow beginning at 10:30 am. I’m glad I got in a good weights session today though. I decided to just do a biceps and shoulders focus and and save my triceps and chest for when I sprint to the gym tomorrow at 3 pm like a bat out of hell after my two finals. (Stress makes me over-dramatic doesn’t it? ;) They have spotters available at The Rec so still getting to include the bench press in my chest routine rather than doing only DB Presses makes more sense anyways.
I’ve been worrying about my arms – that they’re getting too skinny. Comparing recent photos with month or two month old ones I was noticing that my biceps aren’t the burly things they were. It’s less than 5 weeks to the Emerald Cup yes, but it is also too early to lean my arms out that much. As such, I decided to quit taking my biceps for granted and give them the focused workout the need (and do it again later this week and 2x the following, you get the idea).

The barbells of my desired weights were taken and so were most of the benches so I started with shoulders. That’s too bad, because it wasn’t until my 2nd set of seated barbell curls superset with standing barbell curls that my endorphin rush kicked in. I love the moment when your mood clicks over and you just think oh yeah” and grin at yourself in the weight room mirror. I had a 40 lb BB first because a woman was off dead-lifting the 50. When I got the 50, managed it easily, and was watching the stunning vein pop in the mirror (I sooooo want a high res pic of that – best self-portrait ever!) my mood just clicked over and I started grinning and thinking “I’m so glad I’m here! I’m so happy I didn’t flake in favor of studying more!”

I love curling barbells, I really do. I will have to get to a Body Pump class this week for sure=) It’s all barbells in there and it’s the root of my love for all things lifting.

Daily Macro Ratio / Cal Tally

I haven’t had time to research the grams vs. cals question, I’m guessing it is cals, but until I find out I’m sticking to grams for continuity:

Protein 41% (172 grams) Carbs 47% (195 grams) Fat 12% (52 grams)

1,936 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(650) Training
(162) Net Loss

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