Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee saved me.

Day 11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6:20 am Cardio

45 min

25 min Steady Climb & 20 min Cardio Blast Elliptical programs

7:15 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion w/ water and ice in the bullet

9:15 am Breakfast on the go

16 oz drip coffee
Egg white, spinach, tomato whole wheat wrap

My mom is visiting us and was keeping Charlie home with her today so I took the opportunity to grab my breakfast from Starbucks. I mainly just wanted to put a positive spin back on the notion of egg whites and spinach. Definitely try this wrap if you’re ever in need of breakfast at a Starbucks. It’s nutritionally sound and quite tasty too.

10:20 am Snack

28 Habanero BBQ Almonds
2 Satsumas

11:40 am Lunch

½ cup cottage cheese
16 wheat thins
1 can V8

I ate with Hannah. She had hot corn tortillas, ½ an avocado, string cheese, and honey ham. That looked good. I think, if I remember when I go grocery shopping, I may have to copy her ;)

2:00 pm in ECON 309 Yes, I am eating again

4 oz. chicken
2/3 cup carrots
1 cup cherries
Hot tea no sweetener

3 pm Craving a Candy Bar Big Time

I like my econ professor, but there is something about a REALLY dry lecture topic and the afternoon crash that results in the joint desire to sleep and eat a huge chewy gooey salty yummy candy bar. I was trying my best to stay awake, but I kept daydreaming about going and buying a big Snickers during the mid-class break. I cut a deal with myself that if I ran over to the Atrium and found a Luna bar or something equivalent when I got there I could have it. When I went, however, I had a moment of genius. Well not genius, but I made a good choice ;) Coffee! I drink afternoon coffee very rarely, but it was the perfect solution. Caffeine, plus a sweet candy-replacing effect from the vanilla syrup I get in my drip. A guy from my row was in line behind me, lucky bugger came back to econ with coffee AND one of those huge pink frosting covered sugar cookies. Not I though, coffee saved my ass ;)

6:15 pm Dinner at ASWA with a Tax Update =)

So 3 course meals while seated at a banquet table are kind of scary. Overall I did alright, but I definitely could have been better.

2 wheat dinner rolls with BUTTER Yum I love good bread it is a huge weakness of mine.
I ate 3/4 of my salad (it had blue cheese and walnuts so not exactly a health food)
I ate my whole piece of chicken and all the green beans, but I did abandon 2/3 of my mashed potatoes on the plate.

Big HUGE slice of chocolate cheesecake comes out. I turned it down and had tea, but I had 3 bites of Hannah’s. Her and Karen couldn’t help but harass me. I would’ve done the same in their place ;)

I should have limited myself to only one roll and abandoned the blue cheese and walnuts in my salad, but those treats aside I handled it well.

9:30 pm Home and Hungry

It is just a hungry kind of day around here and no, I should not be snacking again.

½ apple
About 30 wheat thins
3 wedges laughing cow blue cheese spread (35 cals each)
Hot tea no sweetener

10:20 pm Protein Shake #2

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion w/ water and ice in the bullet

My mom wanted to try it so this one got shorted a little.

I’m starting to get a little off track with my diet. If I want to meet my ab and back definition goals I have to nip it in the bud. I need to keep building muscle, but I also have to lose weight and reduce my fat mass which means being really rigid about what, when, and how much I’m eating. I’m glad that I have a chest workout planned with my PT tomorrow plus 2 cardio sessions. Training days are always easier days to stay strong on for me.

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