Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweat a Cold Rest a Fever

That's my calorie splurge (545) but totally clean lunch over there. Tasty. Kept my daily cal total in line too =)

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, I just remained in optimistic denial until this afternoon when it wiped my energy and the DOMS from Wednesday's lower body and yesterday's back and arms suddenly hit full force. Bleh.

I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the title adage, but I can't just be my hardcore can't phase me self and pretend I'm fine on this one. Why? Because I have 4 midterms coming up pronto: 2/2, 2/3, 2/8, and 2/9. The problem with having a longstanding GPA streak is that if you finally lose it and if there were some obvious new variables in that quarter, oh say such as committing 15* hours a week of time you don't have to becoming a figure competitor, then that variable is going to get scapegoated for the downfall. There are other variables, like that I'm taking 16 instead of 12 credits this quarter, but I took 20 twice and 21 once at Skagit and it didn't take me down. I also have Econ right now and that is my WEAKEST subject, I almost lost my GPA to the 200 level micro and macro classes at Skagit, but kept it in the end by mere tenths of percentage points. So you can see where if I continue to push myself through the weekend, get really sick, do a shitty job of studying, and blow my midterms that it might make my new hobby look a tad guilty.

* 15 hours? How did I get that figure? I scrolled back through my posts and Saturday 1/22 - Friday 1/28 today I have been doing weights and cardio for 10 hours and 40 minutes. That's with Saturday being weak, no workout at all, and today being weak as well, only 40 min of cardio nothing more. All the food prep and packing is at least 30 min a day so there ya go, that's where my 15 hours came from. Ideally, I will find a way to start logging 15 hours a week of straight weights and cardio. It's like a part time job, it just doesn't feel like work, ha =)

Summarized: My team lost for the next couple days, boo. School: 1 Training: 0

Typing that made me really want to go get on my elliptical instead of in bed, huh. Is that strange or just standard reverse psychology?

Day 21

6:30 am 40 min Cardio

“Cardio Blast” Elliptical program x 2

7:15 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet

8:10 am Breakfast

1 cup TJ’s Vanilla Almond Oat Clusters with NF milk
3 Strawberries

10:30 am MKTG 380 Snack

Raw Almonds (200 cal pack)
Fuji apple
Hot tea

12:45 pm Big Lunch

6 oz. baked Tilapia
¼ cup leftover guacamole
1.5 cups mixed greens with sprinkle rice wine vinegar
1 cup brown rice with ponzu
4 castelvetrano olives
Hot tea

5:20 pm Dinner

1 serving egg white spinach asparagus crust less quiche (170 cals)
½ cup oatmeal with 1/3 cup strawberries & blueberries
Hot tea

7:15 pm Protein Shake #2 / Protein Treat!

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet
1 tablespoon wonderful peanut putter!

Daily Cal Tally:

1,875 cals ingested
(1,448) BMR
(436) am Cardio


9 cal gain posted today on account of my workout shortage.

A “disclosure note” about my calorie “financial statements,” I realize that BMR is how many cals you burn if you simply stay in bed the entire day and don’t move at all and that walking around campus with my heavy ass backpack, giving C a piggyback ride, and even doing the dishes all burn cals too, but for the sake of simplicity I’m only tracking what I eat and my training burn, or to really stick to the accounting theme, the “material” income and expenses, ha. I also realize that that was one hell of a run on sentence, but too bad.

I read an article in F&M Hers awhile back that details a sample meal plan based on the proper protein / healthy fat / carb ratios and the last mini meal on it was a spoon of peanut butter with a protein shake before bed. Ever since reviewing that I’ve been thinking about how yummy that sounded. I have also been out of peanut butter, thus the delay. I grabbed some today and looking forward to my last munch kept me totally straight at dinner too. It’s been a week and a half so I am technically entitled to my second cheat meal now, but I’m not craving it so I’m going to bank that for later =)

Off to bed before 8 pm, umm yeah, I really cannot afford for this cold to be a bad one so sleep is going to have to be prioritized over cardio / studying / cleaning / facebooking / you know, all the things I get in while C sleeps, for at least the next day or two. I’m hoping to get back on 2 a day cardio sessions on Sunday, we will see, if not Monday for sure. Night night =)

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