Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Kicked My Sweet Tooth, Well, in the Teeth ; )

I thought I'd throw in a picture. That's my son 2 nights back. I was doing dishes and came around the corner to see him on the couch with my current issue of F & M Hers I asked what he was doing and he informed me with a grin that he was "Reading your book Momma." Cute huh? I guess I'm raising a boy to grow up with a healthy image of female body image =)

Day 4

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haggen tried to take me down today, but I won. I have a major sweet tooth, it is my HUGE weakness, so is cheese. In case more snow falls tonight and we wind up on the bus tomorrow C and I ran out to Haggen’s after dinner to grab a few things. I’m about out of my favorite tea and that’s a saving grace on this diet, broccoli, baby carrots, and eggs (for their whites) were also on the list. Charlie had his mind on getting some cake, in fact he is now eating it right next to me. You know, that delicious individual slice of fluffy white cake with fluffy white frosting in the square plastic box? Mmmmm. Then there are the donuts, the individual slices of delicious cherry pie, the bulk isle of chewy Australian licorice. My motivation is strong though so we made it past all of that to get to the checkout line and a big display of my ultimate weakness: Cadbury Crème Eggs. Come on Haggen – it’s only the second week of January! Nice try, but it didn’t work. I did however buy a small bag of mini caramel rice cakes. No comparison, but yeah. I’m eating a serving (8 of them) right now and at only 60 calories and 13 g of carbs I can live with that compromise. Charlie is done with his cake now, not that he finished it, so I’m going to go scrape it in the trash and hide the big leftover piece in the freezer. Ouch, that’s a killer test of temptation. 1-11-11 Sweet Tooth Challege: Jenny 1 Haggen 0 ;)

6:20 am

30 min Cardio

“Repeats” program – this one is high resistance, lots of sweat.

I actually read my econ book for am cardio this morning. Never thought I’d do that, barely awake, no coffee yet, but I have to get it all done somehow. The big perk is that despite the hard program 30 min flew because I couldn’t see the screen. Yes, my iPod is still on full blast. I MUST have music for cardio.

6:50 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop MyoFusion milk chocolate w/ water (…and quad stretches…) 25 g protein

8 am Breakfast

Trader Joe’s Multigrain Hot Cereal with 1/3 cup blueberries and splash NF milk

I was running late and this stuff is prepackaged frozen in 190 cals too. A good alternate to oatmeal.

10:15 am Computer Lab Snacking

½ cup cottage cheese
2 satsumas
Hot tea no sweetener

12 pm Lunch in ACCT 342

6 oz. seasoned sliced cold chicken
½ cup brown rice w/ ponzu (ponzu kick’s soy sauce’s ass btw – buy it ;)

2 pm Almost a snack

Crunched about ¼ cup of baby carrots before Econ 309 started

4 pm Protein Shake #2

Chugged the MyoFusion milk chocolate shake meant to go with the carrots en route to C’s speech therapy

6 pm Dinner

5 oz. Ham Steak with a caramelized orange juice sauce (contains just a sprinkle of brown sugar and C loves it – we have to share meals once in awhile!)
½ medium sweet potato plain
2 cups steamed broccoli
Hot tea of course

8 pm Gave in, but not really

That spiel earlier about Haggen trying to take me down with all their delicious treats?

8 mini caramel rice crackers (60 cal 13 g carbs)
Hot tea

10:45 pm Protein #3

1 scoop MyoFusion strawberries and cream w/ sSilk soy milk vanilla
Goodnight, not quite, gotta read Ch 6 for Marketing…

No pm workout tonight. My chest, arms, side abdominals, and lower back are all feeling yesterday big time, dom, de, dom, dom, DOMS (delayed onset muscles soreness) yes that was too cheesy ;) I could do some lunges, squats, and cardio, but I’d rather save it all to get in a good 90 minute session at the rec center tomorrow. I’m quickly realizing I’d be better off to get in a 90 min-2 hr workout there or Gold’s 3 times a week and fit in short weight sets and 2x daily cardio at home then trying to do more at home. It’s all about the equipment! =)

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