Friday, January 14, 2011

1 Week Down, 11 To Go, Triceps Down for the Count =)

Day 7

Friday, January 14, 2011

One week down and eleven to go!

So am I making any progress?

Here’s a quickie video to update my progress. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth? ;)

6:20 am 30 min Cardio

“Steady Climb” Elliptical program
Quick Stretch

6:55 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop MyoFusion milk chocolate with water and ice cubes in my Magic Bullet

8 am Breakfast

½ cup oatmeal with cinnamon, 1/3 cup blueberries, splash NF milk

9:30 am Gold’s Gym

StairMaster 15 min Interval Program (Level 10 1.65 Miles 49 Floors Climbed)
9:45 am BODY BUMP! ;)

So what the heck is Body Pump anyways? If you’re on my Facebook you’ve likely gotten sick of hearing me obsess over Body Pump since discovering it in July upon joining Gold’s. It was my gateway drug to free weights, ha.

A Body Pump class runs for 60 minutes and consists of 10 tracks. You cling to your barbell for almost the entire time. The tracks are (in order): warm-up track, squat track, chest track, back track (my favorite!), triceps track, biceps track, lunge track, shoulder track, abs track, and a stretching track. Each “track” is a song (usually a lot of current stuff) remixed to a club beat and between 5 and 7 minutes long. Within each track the sets have been choreographed to the beat. For instance, squat track involves squats of varied duration in varied order: slow long ones, 3-1s (3 counts down 1 count up), 2-2s (2 counts down 2 up), singles, and bottom halves. The tracks vary class to class keeping you pumped and excited.

Body Pump is part of the Les Mills franchise and it originated internationally so all the equipment is in kilos instead of pounds. Nobody seems to know what the bar weighs, but it is at least 3 lbs. My weights are:

Warm-up: 10 kilos plus bar (25 lbs)
Squat track: 20 kilos plus bar (47 lbs)
Chest track: 10 kilos plus bar (25 lbs)
Back track: 20 kilos plus bar (47 lbs)
Triceps Track: Usually 10 plus bar, but I chopped it to 5 kilos plus bar today to not murder my already beat triceps (25/14 lbs)
Biceps track: 10 kilos plus bar (25 lbs)
Lunge Track: 10 kilos plus bar (25 lbs)
Shoulder track: 2.5 kilo and 5 kilo plates loose (5.5 / 11 lbs)
Abs: Body weight
Stretching: same

My competitive streak causes me to take a tad too much satisfaction in rolling the heaviest weight in the class =) I was heaviest on back track by 5 kilos and biceps track by 3 kilos today and rarely do I see someone exceed me on back track. There is one woman, Angela, who I quite admire. It's been awhile since I've gone to the same class as her though. I’ve seen her roll 75 lbs for squat and back tracks. Keep in mind you are keeping these reps up for 5-7 minutes straight.

Here’s a promo video to give you an idea of it.

I should note though that at my Gold’s all the Body Pump instructors are women. Jackie, Betty, and Jilene especially rock =) Jackie will make you laugh throughout, Betty will get all fired up and keep you going, and Jilene will smile the whole time even when she’s dying along with you under her barbell.

11:15 am Lunch

8 oz Tilapia (baked with s&p, lemon juice)
16 Wheat thins (1 serving)
1 cup baby carrots
Hot tea no sweetener

1:15 pm Protein Shake #2

1 scoop MyoFusion delicious vanilla w/ ice and water in my bullet

4:00 pm Eating Again

4 oz. seasoned cold chicken
½ cup baby carrots
½ cup brown rice with Ponzu
Hot tea no sweetener

6:30 pm Dinner, sort of

4 oz. seasoned cold chicken
1 Fuji Apple
1 cup drip coffee (I was doing ACCT 342 HW in a Starbuck’s waiting to pick up Charlie)

9:15 pm Sick of Shakes

Well yesterday was a 4 shake day so today will be a 2 shake day to balance out. I wanted something with salt.

1 can V8
½ cup cottage cheese
1 piece SJI 9 grain bread (plain)

Day 7 is a wrap! 77 days to go ;)

I’ll be running nutrition stats on week 1 tomorrow. I think the nutrient composition has been about right, but the calorie trimming is about to begin. A weigh-in will post as well.

If you happen to see me tomorrow and I try to lift anything, stop me. Training arms last night while still sore from back the day prior and then maintaining my heavy weights on all but triceps at Body Pump this morning was asking for it. If I try to do upper body anything tomorrow I will be begging for a strain. Lower body would be fine, but I think I’m saving that for Sunday. It’s poor timing though, my best friend is coming up tomorrow and working out with her is a rare opportunity, but way fun when we get to. Wish she didn’t live 86 miles away! =)

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