Thursday, January 20, 2011

I read all my text books on cardio machines...

Day 13

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I’m beat, but unfortunately not from training. Today was a cardio only day, 2 sessions. I learned last week that doing arms the night before Body Pump was a BAD idea, thus the new cardio only on Thursdays rule.

I have one semi-witty thing to say tonight. For sheer kicks I weighed my backpack leaving the rec center this afternoon, 29 pounds, ha. That happens to be the precise amount of weight I gained when pregnant with Charlie. I must say though, he was a hell of a lot more comfortable to pack around! ;)

Here’s an old picture of us. Charlie is just under 4 months old in it. Sometimes I miss having my hair long like that, sometimes not. I was able to get back in shape quite quickly, but look at those skinny undefined arms. I hadn’t yet found weightlifting back then ;)

6:20 am Cardio 40 min

I really didn’t want to get out of bed, but in the end I was glad I did.
I also read Ch. 7 in my Econ text book during this session (yes I am that crunched for time right now)
20 min Cardio Blast / 20 min Fat Burner Elliptical Programs

7 am Protein Shake

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water & ice in the bullet

8 am Breakfast

1 serving TJ’s Multigrain Hot Cereal w/ 1/3 cup blueberries & ¼ banana

10:15 am Computer Lab Snacking

5 oz. chicken
1 cup baby carrots
6 Triscuits
Hot tea

12:40 pm Great Day in ACCT 342 Actually, complete with Dessert

Lemon Zest Luna Bar
These are the closest I get to dessert these days, Hannah brought me this one, yum!

2 pm Econ Munch

100 cal pack almonds
1 small Fuji

3:45 pm Pre-gym Snack

Handful of snap peas
5 oz. chicken
½ cup brown rice with ponzu

4 pm Rec Center Cardio

I REALLY wanted a StairMaster as I was going to read Ch. 9 in my Marketing book during my cardio (see time crunch note above), but nope all full :(

I tried an AMT – that was funny and inefficient – ever try to read a text book while in a running motion bouncing about 6” up and down? Yeah, I only made it through 2/3 of the chapter. It was somewhat funny though =)

I went with the “Fat Burner” program

33 min

375 cals burned

Quick Stretch

5:30 pm Shopping!

I went a little nuts at Trader Joe’s and found a bunch of great things for my diet. The only problem with that is that when we got home I wanted to try all of them for dinner, haha.

6:30 pm Dinner

TJ’s Fiesta Chicken Salad

This salad rocks. It has 40 g protein, 5 g fat, 26 g carbs all for 390 cals and it is packing a lot of flavor

I also had another Luna bar. Shhhh. Peppermint Stick. I’m blaming the rec center. They passed out samples the other day and made me crave them :P

Hot tea.

8 pm Shhhhh The Nutrition Stats aren’t bad, just more carb less protein then I should be having….

1 more Luna bar…Lemon Zest

Well it is now 11:52 pm. I’ve been up working. There is just not enough time in the day, not in January especially. It’s going to be hard to get up when my alarm sounds at 6 am. Wish me some power sleeping! Night night =)

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