Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Diet Begins ;)

Hey look - there's lunch sitting in front of my protein powder stash. After finishing a 5 lb tub of the milk chocolate flavor (which was actually damn good and I didn't get sick of it) I opted for three 2lb-ers for flavor variety. I was doing 3-4 shakes a week, but I'll now be doing 3 a day to meet my protein goals in conjunction with chicken, tilapia, etc.

Day 2
Sunday, January 9, 2011

7:15 am Cardio

30 min Interval program on Elliptical
Quick stretch

7:50 am Eat

1 scoop MyoFusion milk chocolate in water (25 g protein)

9:00 am Eat Again

½ cup (measured dry) oatmeal with ½ cup blueberries, cinnamon, splash vanilla soymilk

11:00 am Eat Some More

3 hard-boiled egg whites with salt & pepper
1 cup baby carrots

1:30 pm Lunch!

3 oz. steak medium rare with salt and pepper
1/3 cup avocado with a drizzle of rice wine vinegar
3/4 cup brown rice with 1 tsp ponzu
2 Satsumas
Hot tea no sweetener

I've long found it handy to use a salad plate for my meal plate. It's just toying with your mind is all - food fills the plate - you feel like you ate more. Hot tea is another good trick to round out the fullness factor.

3:30 pm People Trying to Build Muscle Eat Constantly Huh? ;)

1 Scoop MyoFusion delicious vanilla protein powder blended w/ nf milk (32 g protein)
1/2 banana

6:30 pm Dinner

A bowl of this delicious turkey sausage (except I used the Isernio’s chicken ones), kale, & white bean stew recipe I got from F&M Hers
Yum and only 325 cals + 20 g protein
1 medium bunch green grapes

PM Workout 8:30-10:100 pm

Cardio 45 min:

Elliptical (25 min Hill Climb & 20 min Pyramid)


I’m calling this my 20s Bells workout because everything in it used a 20 lb dumbbell.

Alternating Bicep Curls 4 sets x 20* reps x 20 lbs

Dumbbell Standing Tricep Extensions 4 sets x 10 reps x 20 lbs

Couch Dips 4 sets x 16 reps x body weight*

Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts 4 sets x 8 reps x 40 lbs (2-20s)

Weighted Slow Squats 4 sets x 12 reps x 40 lbs (arms crossed holding 20s on shoulders)

*I used the dumbbells placed on the couch edge to provide a sturdy grip - it worked great.

Rather than cycle through each exercise I treated this as a circuit and did one set of each, moved through the rest and repeated 3 more times.

Brief Stretch

*I found it interesting how much weaker my left bicep is. I would start to lose it on that side with a few reps left while the right was fine. On the 3rd set my left bicep failed at a half rep on the last one so it made for only 19.5 reps on set 3 ;)


I need to buy a good barbell and ideally a cheap, but functional, weight bench for home. Deadlifts and squats are SO MUCH BETTER with a barbell. Plus, I want to be able to do chest presses, incline flies, bent over rows and the like at home.

If you’re wondering what’s up with the weanie assortment of arm exercises I purposefully was avoiding taking my arms to task. I have a training session with my awesome PT Laura tomorrow afternoon (btw if you have access to the Wade King Rec Ctr @ WWU you can get PT there for only $25/Hr). I can’t remember if we are doing an hour of chest or an hour of back, but either way I wouldn’t stand a chance at maxing out the benefits of tomorrow’s PT if I killed my arms tonight! So tonight’s weights were my “something is better than nothing session” ;)

10:30 pm Last "meal" of the day

MyoFusion strawberries & cream with Silk soy milk vanilla (30 g protein)

Actually just call it dessert - it tastes like one <3

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