Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GAAP for Dieters ~ 2,300 Gross Profit (204) Net Loss

It's not a good picture, I was still climbing, holding my taxation text book in one hand and trying to hold my phone far enough away to get a picture. I just hate to have a multimedia free blog entry =)

I’m an accounting major, so please don’t mind my math. It all boils down to my eating too much. Let’s pretend this is a P&L:

Jenny’s Body, Inc.
Profit & Loss Statement
January 25, 2011- January 25, 2011

Revenue (calories eaten) 2,300
Operating Expenses
Basal Metabolic Rate (1,448)
Cardio Output Expense (1,056)
Total Operating Expenses (2,504)

Net Profit (Loss) (204)

Yay! A net loss – that is good in this “business,” but I do not normally do 1 hour and 40 minutes of cardio daily and a net loss of 204 cals will not get you anywhere fast. Supposedly a pound of body fat is equal to 3,600 cals so at that rate it would (again theoretically) take me 18 days to lose one single pound. Umm yeah, can you see why it is so easy to plateau? If I had simply skipped that measly handful of almonds I’d be running a 404 cal loss and would only need 9 days to lose a pound at that rate. I need to cut back my cal budget.

If you're curious what your own BMR is check this out http://health.discovery.com/centers/heart/basal/basal.html

I’ve started to notice an interesting pattern over the last two weeks, on days that I don’t lift weights my mood sucks. I’m less upbeat and when stress hits (which is at least daily for me) I’m snappy, even if I’ve done cardio. On days when I lift I’m just happy go lucky whatever is going on, even with double the stress on a non-lifting day. Isn’t that odd?

Day 18

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6:20 am Cardio

40 min (453 cals burned)

Elliptical “Pyramid” and “Fat Burner” Programs

Quick Stretch

7:05 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion shaken with water. So much better in the bullet, but I was trying to not wake up Charlie or my mom who had stayed over on her way home from New York.

8:15 am Breakfast

1 cup TJ’s vanilla almond clusters
½ banana
½ cup NF milk
10:25 am Computer Lab Snacking
1 serving egg white/spinach/asparagus crust less quiche

12:00 pm Lunch in ACCT 342

TJ’s Roasted beet & Chicken salad with ½ dressing dumped out
1 cup brown rice with soy sauce
Hot tea

2:10 pm Econ Sugar Rush!

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar Mmmmm

I really meant it when I said I had a Luna bar “problem.” My new rule is that I only get to eat them in econ – that’s it, so only 2 a week. There is actually one hidden in my house right now. I asked my mom to hide it before she left. I just need to remember to call and ask where it is on time to take it to econ Thursday, but not too soon or I’m at risk. You may have thought I had great self-control, I wish! I just stack the deck in random ways like this to keep my food impulses in check.

3:35 pm Pre-gym Protein

1 Strawberry Chobani NF Greek Yogurt

4:20 pm Cardio Session#2 @ Gold’s

I left campus and headed to Gold’s because my mom already had C and Gold’s has 5 StairMasters while the SRC on campus only has 2 (What’s up with that?)

60, yeah that’s right 60 minutes on the stairs ;) Finally!


“Rolling Hills” Program Level 8

603 cals burned 5.59 miles 271 floors climbed

All while reading 1 ½ chapters in my taxation text book. The people around me had People magazines…that looked like a better unwind, haha. I still love tax – but sometimes I want to NOT multitask.

6:15 pm Appetizer? Sure

I was going to lose all control and order a pizza if I didn’t eat something filling and satisfying ASAP so…

½ cup (dry) Quaker Old-fashioned Oatmeal + 1/3 cup blueberries + 1 teaspoon brown sugar (I was feeling devious – it was the first sugar I’ve added to ANYTHING in over a month though)

6:45 pm Dinner

6 oz. Curry marinated chicken
In a low carb imitation tortilla thing (60 cals)
With 1 scoop of TJ’s mango papaya salsa
1 ½ cups butter lettuce with a splash of rice wine vinegar

8 pm Stir crazy, I mean stress crazy

Habanero BBQ Almonds (about 200 cals worth – which is only about 33 almonds – isn’t that awful?)

9:30 pm Wrapping it up on a good note ~ Protein Shake #2

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet

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