Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bummer :(

I woke up totally sore this morning. I'm happy about that - the first squat pyramid that only topped out at 120 lbs did not make me sore, yesterday's 145 lbs did =)

That's a red pummelo over there by the way. I tried one today - so should you. They're good!

Day 15

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slept in till 8:45 am

I sure needed that!

Thanks Mr. C for not waking me until then =)

9:30 am Protein Shake #1 / Breakfast

I ate it all together on account of getting up so late.

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet.
1 cup TJ’s vanilla almond oat clusters w/ NF milk

12 pm Lunch

8 oz. Tomato Basil Marinated chicken (TJ’s – told you they had lots of good stuff for my diet)
½ orange bell pepper
Small chunk fresh pineapple
6 Triscuits
Hot tea

2:30 pm Snack

1.5 Luna Bars (C wanted one and only ate half of his)

4:30 pm Snack

3 Laughing Cow Swiss Light Wedges (35 cals each)
20 Wheat Thins

4:40 pm Bummer :(

Gold’s Gym has great childcare hours, morning and late afternoon most every day of the week, except Sundays are morning only. I thought Saturday had pm hours, I really did. So off we went to the gym. I had a good back workout on my clipboard and plans for a longer tango with the StairMaster. Whoops :( Lights off in the Kidz Club. Apparently, both Saturday and Sunday are no pm hours, phooey. So no weights today. We’ll go tomorrow morning instead.

6:30 pm My Weird Dinner

I was having random salty cravings and the tilapia was leftover and needed to get used up.

1 can V8
1 cup cottage cheese
6 oz. tilapia
2 cups Miso Soup (only 90 cals, but super high sodium so not a regular treat)

8:30 pm Try a pummelo they’re good!

½ a red pummelo
8 mini caramel rice cakes
Hot tea

A pummelo is like a huge green grapefruit, with a slightly different flavor and a hugely thick skin. You have to dig with a big knife to get to the good stuff. They’re tasty and unlike my feelings about grapefruit I felt no need to start sprinkling sugar on it =)

I was going to hop on my elliptical and try to read a chapter and a half of my too big for the console Marketing book tonight, but I’ve realized that I’m still really tired and should probably just suck it up and admit to a day of no exercise. Tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully we will hit the gym by 10 am so I can get in a full 2 hours before the Kidz Club closes for the day!

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