Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleeping in isn't good for me & I'm down 7.2 lbs.

This is my rest day. I’m not supposed to be lifting any weights and I intentionally slept in (well 7:30) this morning, but I will do a good cardio session tonight before bed. Kelly came up from Seattle for the day and we went out to lunch. That can of course be tricky, but there is a Chinese place near here that will let you sub brown for white rice and has a steamed section of the menu, no oils/sauces so that’s what I went for.

As promised, I did my weigh in this am. I ALWAYS weigh myself 1st thing when I get up vs. later in the day because I can easily gain 5 lbs during the day and then “sleep it off” again that night. However, my Gold’s challenge weigh-in took place at 10:30 am after I’d had breakfast, coffee, etc. at home. So my weigh in first thing today was 141.9 lbs and for a more fair comparison I hopped on the scale again at 10 am after having had a shake, breakfast, and coffee. That jumped me up to 143.2 lbs. So during week 1 I’ve lost 7.2 lbs (150.4-143.2). Some of that may be a small variance from the scale at Gold’s, we will see when week 12 wraps =)

That’s my idea of a diet steak dinner over there; keep in mind that’s a salad plate. Do I have a snazzy kitchen scale, nah, I know it was a 5 oz. steak because it was 0.66 lbs and I chopped it in half. Seared it with s&p on a hot pan with only Pam, wilted spinach in the juices with a splash of cherry balsamic vinegar and threw a Fuji on the side.

Day 8

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I slept in! (Intentionally)

8 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop MyoFusion delicious vanilla with water and ice in the bullet

9:30 am Breakfast

1 slice SJI 9 grain topped with 1 oz. ham and 3 scrambled egg whites

11:30 am Protein Shake #2

1 scoop milk chocolate MyoFusion with water and ice in the bullet

1:30 pm Out to Eat

2 cups steamed mixed veggies and shrimp
¾ cup brown rice
1 cup hot and sour soup
1 ½ beef skewers

I misbehaved a little here on my portion size. Still technically eating clean, aside from the high sodium in the soup, but you must have a little wiggle room when your best friend drives up to visit ;)

4:10 pm Snacking

½ cup cottage cheese
1 large slice pineapple
8 almonds

6:30 pm Dinner

5 oz. NY steak with salt and pepper
½ cup spinach wilted with a splash of cherry balsamic
1 Fuji apple
Hot tea no sweetener

9 pm Stressed and Getting off Track

8 mini caramel rice cakes
1 square of the milk chocolate stash I keep for Charlie
8 habanero bbq almonds
1 sample size Luna Bar that was in my backpack

Hey look at that, I strayed I got off track briefly, and you know what? I am not surprised in the least that it happened on my rest day. If I don’t work out, stress will get to me. If I work out every day you can throw anything you like at me and I’ll be mellow, relaxed, smiley even, rolling with it. What happened is Kelly left, C and I ate dinner, I put him to bed. Then I started staring at the list of reading and assignments I need to clear and thinking was 4 classes a good idea, am I going to get another W on my transcript? (W is for withdrawal – I dropped a class last quarter past the deadline) Today is January 15th, I have quarterlies and excise tax and inventory to sort out and W-2s and 1099s to do and the only tax form that has ever been my nemesis, the 940, to tackle. I need to clear all this by the end of the month. I think I have a midterm before then too. Stress will occasionally catch me like a deer in headlights like that and then I just don’t know what to start on right then. I decided I’d focus better if I ate something so thus the snacking. I quickly caught myself though, realizing that I was disappointing myself and I would feel better if I drank a shake and got my endorphins on.

9:30 pm Quell that Shit

1 scoop MyoFusion strawberries and cream with Silk vanilla soy milk

10:05 pm Cardio

65 Minutes

Elliptical Hill Climb Program x 3 (it’s a 20 min program)

I had started a speed program called “Interval” that is 60 min and maxes out my elliptical on resistance, ramp, and strides per min. I got 5 min in and thought what the hell you’re going to die. I’m tired and I was planning to watch a Desperate Housewives episode I’ve had on my Tivo for a few weeks. (I have absolutely no clue what is going on this season – it isn’t really one of my shows anymore. My shows are Sons of Anarchy, Rescue Me, and 24 which is no longer, sniff sniff.) I can pick a fight with an elliptical with the best of them, but not without my iPod to keep me going s I switched to the less crazy program.

Sure enough, getting in a long cardio session worked. I feel better now. A quick shower and off to bed to rise early for am cardio. Starting the day without it, is apparently, not good for me ;)