Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm starting to feel capable of perfectly poised quarter turns come competition day =)

My body keeps wanting to fight me on this diet. It wants carbs really badly. You’ll see that today had some carbs that shouldn’t have been there. I still had a net cal loss and good protein intake and the carbs were complex, but I’m not going to lean out that way. I think I will be better once I clear my ACCT 342 midterm tomorrow and my MKTG 380 one on Friday. I’ve been reading up on carb cycling and I think I’m going to take the time this weekend to plan that out for next week with plans to continue it. Basically you cycle through low carb, high carb, and no carb days. There are rules though, only certain carbs are approved, you have to eat your protein first, etc. The no carb day is rough, but the beauty of it is that it is only one day and you can cling to that thought to get you through it.

I did have a great workout today with my PT Laura. When I was doing the Straight-arm Push-down (works the lats), Triceps Pushdown combo I was parallel to the mirror and she kept pointing out the definition in my triceps and shoulders while I was working. Sometimes just seeing that payoff in the mirror can be a huge help in getting yourself back in line.

I grabbed a couple things at the store tonight and I just had to laugh. I’m well stocked on veggies at home right now so I was looking for stuff to round out my meals over the next few days. Basically, I left the store with a bunch of meat. In the pic you can see some of my lean protein options beyond the standard overeaten chicken breast. That’s tilapia in the butcher paper, a flank steak, Isernio’s Italian Chicken sausage (80 cals + 3 g fat + 13 g protein per serving), their chicken breakfast sausage (45 cals + 1.5 g fat + 7 g protein per link), and Al Fresco Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage (these are spendier on the nutrition budget – 160 cals + 7 g fat + 14 g protein per link).

Day 47

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6:30 am Cardio & Abs

30 min Elliptical “Interval” Program
It should have been 50 min, but I was having a rebellious snooze button fest from 5:45 am on.

Quickie Abs Circuit

Shoulder Crunches x 15 reps per side
Reverse Crunches x 15 reps
10 lb Medicine Ball Side Twists x 30
Repeat Circuit
Repeat Circuit Once More.

7:15 am Protein Shake

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet

8:20 am Breakfast

½ cup oatmeal with 1/3 cup blueberries

11:15 am MKTG 380 Munch

2 cups spinach and romaine
6 oz. chicken breast
1 t olive oil
1 T rice wine vinegar
Hot tea

12 pm Training Chest & Back with Laura @ The SRC

Prelude: First thing I had to run off and be a bit of a dork and show my PT a set of real pull-ups (3.5)

1) Bench Press

1. Warm-up Set: Bar 45 lbs x 12 reps
2. 75 lbs x 8 reps
3. 80 lbs x 8 reps
4. 80 lbs x 8 reps
5. 75 bs x 8 reps
6. 75 lbs x 8 reps

Superset with

2) Lat Pull-downs
1. 85 lbs x 8 (wide grip)
2. 100 lbs x 8 (reverse close grip)
3. 75 lbs x 10 reps (wide grip)
4. 90 lbs x 10 reps (reverse close grip)
5. 75 lbs x 10 reps (wide grip)
6. 90 lbs x 10 reps (reverse close grip)

3) Straight Bar Push-downs / Triceps Push-downs / Seated Rows Combo

1. 60 lbs x 8 reps, 60 lbs x 8 reps, 70 lbs x 8 reps
2. 65 lbs x 8 reps, 60 lbs x 8 reps, 70 lbs x 8 reps
3. 65 lbs x 8 reps, 60 lbs x 8 reps, 70 lbs x 8 reps
4. 65 lbs x 8 reps, 60 lbs x 8 reps, 70 lbs x 8 reps

4) Single Arm Lat Pull-downs
(no rest between sets)
1. 40 lbs x 6 reps per arm
2. 40 lbs x 6 reps per arm
3. 40 lbs x 6 reps per arm

5) Assisted Pull-ups (Wide Grip) Alternating with Assisted Dips

1. 70 lbs x 4 reps x 6 reps
2. 70 lbs x 5 reps x 6 reps
3. 70 lbs x 6 reps x 10 reps

6) T-Bar Rows

1. Bar + 20 lbs x 8 reps
2. Bar + 20 lbs x 8 reps
3. Bar + 20 lbs x 8 reps

Superset with

7) Push-ups to Failure
1. 15 ½
2. 12 ½
3. 8 ½

Posing Practice!

I got to spend a full 20 minutes in the mirrored wall group fitness room today practicing my quarter turns and walking. Laura got me going with some really useful constructive criticism and then I stayed to keep practicing. Granted it was immediately after an intense back/chest routine, but I’m realizing that just the posing will make you sore. Keeping everything flexed, yet appearing natural, while walking on stage, standing, doing quarter turns is intense. I had rolled up my tank top to sports bra height, as abs posture is essential to posing. After a while I had to start laughing because between that, my Adidas capri workout pants, and my 5” stiletto competition heels the whole scene reminded me of Jennifer Grey ala Dirty Dancing. No Patrick Swayze though (or dancing!), darn ;)

2:00 pm Refueling in ACCT 375

1 Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar (very good, but the purist date and cashew Cashew Cookie ones are still the best)
Healthy Choice Steamer Chicken and Balsamic Veg (220 cals)
Hot tea

4:15 pm Brain Fuel

It was a bit early to eat again and I was out of clean packed food, but I opted to buy on campus anyways so that I was focused to do my econ homework.
Whole Wheat Tuna Sandwich (I know I know 29 g of carbs, but it was the best on campus option – 250 cals 16 g protein)

6:30 pm Dinner

6 oz Tilapia
1 ½ cups sautéed kale and Swiss chard
2 slices Oat bread (it is a whole grain one – heavy on fiber and protein)

8:00 Bedtime Snack

Cashew Cookie Larabar
Hot tea

Daily Cal Tally
1,990 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(766) Training
(224) Net Loss

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