Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I was going to quit, but then the DVD came.

I’m always bitching about how none of the on campus eateries carry just about anything for clean eaters. Carbs abound, and not good carbs, no low cal protein options aside from boiled eggs (ewww), and just a general sugar and grease fest. I was waiting in line to buy an empty 20 oz. coffee cup for $0.17 to dump my can of Campbell’s chicken noodle in and microwave it up when I spied this seasonal, but especially atrocious display. Who needs a whole container of “pink frosted cookies” for a snack. Really? …not that the ginormous super sugared heart shaped option is any better.

I suppose the cookies might be worth eating if they were really high in iron (they’re not) because I apparently have anemia. That’s what my bloodwork came back as so now I have to take iron. That’s not fun, bleh, I had to do it almost my whole pregnancy too. At least it should improve my energy a little after my iron levels come up.

I was going to quit, but then the dvd seminar on posing came in the mail tonight and C said he wanted to watch it. I’m resisting sitting up to watch the whole two hours, but the girls they have had on are not that substantially more defined than I am. They know how to pose and they are leaned out, but they aren’t built much differently. I wasn’t really expecting that. I just need Laura to teach me how to pop my lats out and then I can start practice practice practicing posing all the time =)

Day 26

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

8:00 am Breakfast

Steel Cut Oats with 1 T Walnuts

11:30 am Post Midterm Sugar Entitlement

1 Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar

12:30 pm Drawn out Lunch

½ cup strawberries
200 cal pack raw almonds

1:30 pm Continued

Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey and Green Beans

2:15 pm Throat Comfort in Tax Class

1 can Campbell’s chicken Noodle

4:15 pm

1 bottle Punch Gatorade

6:30 pm Dinner

2 roast beef & muenster cheese croissant sandwiches
Au jus dip
12 asparagus spears with a handful of marinated mushrooms and olives
8 oz. Cranberry juice

Fine, fine, call it a cheat meal if you must :p

Daily Cal Tally

1,920 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(0) Still Resting, la di da.
472 Net Gain Yeesh

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