Friday, February 25, 2011

I Fixed my Fridge

Day 49

Friday, February 25, 2011

It’s late too much else had to be done today and tonight so this is super brief.
I won’t sugarcoat it; I’ve been falling off the diet train big time for the last few days. I’m eating clean each day until 4-5:30 pm when the rebellion hits. Today for instance I’d had chicken breakfast sausage (45 cals 1.5 g fat 7 g protein / link) and whole grain toast for breakfast, steamed spinach, a yam and chicken sausage for lunch, a NF Greek yogurt and strawberries mid-afternoon. I was at 1,210 cals all clean when I left campus at 4 pm and then yeah. It started with the Jelly Bellys pack I split with C from REI, a Larabar too, then the buttered toast at home. Dinner was clean: flank steak, ½ cup brown rice, and steamed carrots, but then I kept on snacking. I haven’t tallied cals today and I’m not going to. I’d hazard a guess at 2,500-2,700 though. Cals aren’t the problem though. It’s the carbs. I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m trying to lean out and in order to re-composition your body, take your mass down to only 14-15% body fat you have to be so strict on your ratios, carbs are very minimal and that is damn hard to sustain.

I did 30 min of elliptical cardio @ 6 am this morning followed by 3 sets each of shoulder crunches, reverse crunches, straight arm crunches, medicine ball side twists, and side bends with a 30 lb dumbbell. I just got done with a second 30 min of elliptical cardio now. No gym today as I had 4 hours of class today (normally 0 classes on Fridays and it’s my heavy workout day usually). I burned about 740 cals today training, but I could burn 1,500 and it still wouldn’t make up for not adhering to the diet.

So here’s my plan. I’m not going to screw it up half-way to contest. We’re leaving to visit my mom this weekend and being away from home helps me limit availability of the bad foods. I’m hoping being away briefly will serve as a refresher too. Then come Monday I’ll be integrating some carb cycling principles with my Aunt Diana’s diet plan.

If you don’t know, my Aunt was a full on bodybuilder in the late 80's. They didn’t have figure back then. I asked her for some diet help and she sent me a great summary of how she used to do it. We have the same build and muscle structure, seemingly the same metabolism, so I’m hoping that it is just the right match for me. I have to cut dairy, but I get to keep some fruit. The challenge of becoming a figure competitor may involve logging many physical hours at the gym, but the real challenge is mental. It’s a psych out. So I made up a saying and I fixed my fridge by plastering it on it. I’m going to keep it posted in big bold font in my notebook, car, gym locker, wherever until I believe it. Just under 7 weeks to go. That’s not that long in the grand scheme of life. Pizza, can wait.

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