Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you want to lean out?!

I got out of econ early today after finishing the midterm and went to the mall briefly to think about getting a new blazer for the upcoming hob knobby events I have in the next two weeks. I wound up trying on a size 4 skirt suit that was marked down hugely at Macy’s, but had a button coming off. They had the same one without any flaws, same price, Nine West, in a size 2. It fit. I think I may just be leaning out successfully! =) I didn’t buy it or anything else though – my overpriced sparkly competition suit is on my mind so I can’t justify anything else. I had the weirdest sleep last night. I kept waking up every two hours and I swear I was awake half the night plotting and thinking about how every time I get a craving I need to mentally yell at myself “do you want to eat that or DO YOU WANT TO LEAN OUT?!” Random way to sleep, you’d think I would have been waking up thinking about the econ midterm I took today or the tax one I’m taking tomorrow. Speaking of which I need to study for that and finish the three page marketing paper that is due tomorrow. Bleh. I’m still low energy, what I need to do is go to bed right now. I wish I could. Sometimes, actually always at the same time, I think I’m crazy. That “time” would be around 6:05 am when I’ve made it to my toothbrush and I start wondering why the hell I am awake 45 minutes earlier than necessary. Then I spend the next 15-20 minutes convinced that I am going to cause my own premature demise right there off the side of my elliptical. Only after 20 minutes of cardio have passed do I decide that I’m sane after all and that I’m not going to die of elliptical poisoning. Yes, minutes 21-40 of morning cardio are the sweet spot.

Day 32

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6:20 am Cardio

40 min Cardio Blast 441 cals burned

Quick Stretch

7:05 am Protein Shake #1

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet

8:00 am Breakfast

1/2 cup oatmeal with 1/3 cup blueberries

11:20 am Lunch

1 cup cold steamed broccoli
8 oz. chicken breakfast
Blueberry Chobani NF Greek yogurt
Hot Tazo Passion tea

2:00 pm Econ Brain Food (hopefully it was)

1 Larabar cashew cookie
Hot Tazo Passion tea

6:15 pm Dinner (Starved!)

1 slice SJI 9 grain
1 carmelized onion
Deli roast beef
Au jus
1 sourdough dinner roll
1 small avocado
5 asparagus spears

8:00 pm Still have to write a paper and cram for one more midterm, but I should be in bed right now because I’m beat snack

8 oz. Sparkling Cranberry (90 cal)
1 T peanut butter

Daily Cal Tally

1,740 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(441) am cardio
(149) net loss

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