Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 50 - 100% Clean Eating & a Visit to my Old Gym =)

Time sort of flies huh? That’s weird that today is the 50th day in a row I’ve posted an entry on this blog and the 50th day I’ve been "officially" training. It just doesn’t seem like that long. Today was actually a really good day too. I ate 100% clean, no sneaking a bite of C’s pizza, no loading up on carbs late at night, no candy. Aside from the splash of half and half in my coffee (it’s the one vice I’m unwilling to part with) and the whey in my protein powder I didn’t have any dairy today. Nice, but more importantly tolerable as dairy cut day is still scheduled for Friday 3/4.

We’re out visiting my mom. We haven’t been here in over 3 months and it is my mom’s 60th birthday Tuesday. That’s hard to believe too. C is turning 4 two months from today, which seems crazy, but my mom turning 60 is crazier. She just doesn’t look, seem, or act like that could be possible.

Since we’re out here I went to my old gym for the day. It may be absolutely tiny compared to what I’m now used to, but it is the most color coordinated gym you’ll ever be in. Instead of standard white metal / black padding all the equipment has red metal with black padding. Even the sweat towels are black. Can you guess the owner’s favorite colors? Haha. I like it though, then again my car is 80's nail polish red so of course I would ;)

I got in a solid 2 hours there. I should have had a second session of cardio today, but working out isn’t perfect when you’re traveling. A very good day overall. Getting my diet back in line feels GREAT =)

The first pic is my old gym – the whole interior is only about triple of that showing in the pic. The population here is only about 6-7% of where I live now though…so a nice gym considering the business aspects.

The second is the salad I made along with the rest of dinner. I LOVE avacados and while they’re a healthy fat, they’re not a daily veg on account of the high cals. Their buttery texture is great contrasted against oranges for the sweet and green olives for the salt.

Day 50

Saturday, February 26, 2011

7:00 am Breakfast

½ cup oatmeal with 1/3 cup blueberries

8:00 am Protein a go go

1 scoop delicious vanilla MyoFusion with water and ice in my bullet packed for the road

10:30 am Ferry Snack

Cashew Cookie Larabar

12:30 pm Lunch

1 chicken apple sausage
½ cup brown rice
2 cups steamed broccoli, bell peppers, & mushrooms
Hot tea

2-4 pm Weights & Cardio @ my Old Gym Xtreme Fitness

1) Dumbbell Bent Over Single Rows
1. 30 lbs x 8 reps per arm
2. 30 lbs x 8 reps per arm
3. 35 lbs x 8 reps per arm
4. 35 lbs x 6 reps per arm
5. 25 lbs x 8 reps per arm

Superset with

2) Triceps Kickbacks

1. 15 lbs x 8 reps per arm
2. 15 lbs x 8 reps per arm
3. 15 lbs x 8 reps per arm
4. 15 lbs x 8 reps per arm

3) Dumbbell Alternating Shoulder Press

1. 20 lbs x 16 reps
2. 20 lbs x 16 reps
3. 20 lbs x 16 reps, drop set to 15 lbs x 10 reps

Superset with

4) Shoulder Upright Rows
1. 20 lbs x 8 reps
2. 20 lbs x 8 reps
3. 20 lbs x 8 reps

5) Front Raises (simultaneous)
1. 10 lbs x 10 reps
2. 10 lbs x 0 reps
3. 10 lbs x 10 reps

Superset with

6) Lateral Raises

1. 10 lbs x 10 reps
2. 10 lbs x 10 reps
3. 10 lbs x 10 reps

7) Barbell Military Press
1. 30 lbs x 12 reps
2. 30 lbs x 12 reps
3. 30 lbs x 12 reps

Superset with

8) Barbell Bicep Curls
1. 30 lbs x 12 reps
2. 30 lbs x 12 reps
3. 30 lbs x 12 reps

9) Lat Pull downs
1. 100 lbs x 4 reps wide grip
2. 80 lbs x 8 reps reverse medium grip
3. 70 lbs x 8 reps wide grip
4. 80 lbs x 8 reps reverse medium grip
5. 60 lbs x 10 reps wide grip

Superset with

10) Dumbbell Bench Press

1. 20 lbs x 12 reps
2. 20 lbs x 12 reps
3. 20 lbs x 12 reps
4. 25 lbs x 12 reps
5. 30 lbs x 10 reps
6. 30 lbs x 8 reps

11) Random’s Abs Combo

So I love the decline bench dumbbell push crunches Laura got me going on, but as it turns out the only decline bench at my old gym with footholds is well a shitty one. Random is a trainer working there and he offered up a replacement.

8 lb MB Partner Toss Twist x 10 reps each side
40 second plank

Repeat the combo 3 times.

I usually do side twists with an MB at home, but this is a jacked up version. Kind of like partner leg raises, but for your obliques. Rather than you holding the ball someone throws it at you, you catch it, twist and tap the floor by your hip and throw it back. Good stuff.

12) Cardio!

I had been going to superset my intended abs with push-ups to failure, but didn’t get to them. This worked out well though because tomorrow morning I can do 30 min of plyos, 5 or 6 sets of pull-ups and 5 or 6 sets of push-ups to failure at my mom’s house. The gym here is closed on Sundays and we won’t make Gold’s childcare hours heading back home so Triple P will be a good fix. Can’t take a day off (or should I say won’t willingly) you know! ;)


Gluteal 2 Routine
Res varied between 8. 3, & 5
30 min
3.00 miles 323 cals burned

5:20 pm Snack

Pecan Pie Larabar

Only flavor the grocery store had. It was delicious and I was thinking I’d keep them in the rotation until I saw that this flavor has only 50% the protein of the Cashew Cookie flavor.

6:30 pm Dinner

4 oz. Catfish seared with citrus
1 Isernio’s chicken sausage
(yes, weird combo, but C snagged most of my catfish portion)
1 medium yam with salt and pepper
2 ½ cups butter lettuce with avocado, orange slices, and green olives dressed in rice wine vinegar and a tad bit of olive oil

I also tried a sip of Kombucha, which my mom has gotten into recently. It has hardly any cals (30 for 8 oz., lots of antioxidants and other theoretically healthy things in it, and a really unique taste. C made the funniest face when he tried it, but he went back for more. I think I might have to get some when we go back home.

8:45 pm Bedtime Snack

100 cals of plain almonds
½ a banana
140 cal 15 g protein 2 g net carbs kinda gross tasting Atkins chocolate shake

(The funny thing is these were mine and somehow they wound up at my mom’s house when I moved out of my house this summer. I found them tonight and thought ooohhh nice macro stats, then I drank it and remembered why I abandoned them when packing..haha)

Hot tea

Daily Cal Tally

1,890 Ingested – 100% Clean Today! Ist time in a week + I’ve been able to say that.
(1,448) BMR
(843) Training
(401) Net Loss =)

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