Friday, April 8, 2011

My Blood is Sea Green

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Day 91

Friday, April , 2011

Peak Week started today. One week from right now The Emerald Cup will be behind me. I’m tired and very much ready for bed now, but I had a good day. I got up for cardio bright and early this morning. I got a haircut. I got my fake nails done. I got put through a killer 50 minute plyometrics session by Laura, my PT. She said the goal was to shock my body. I think it worked. She also brought in a friend of hers, who is in training to be a judge, for posing tips. I got some great tips from him and now know about a slight shoulder rotation I need to do when popping my lats out to better nail my back pose. Yay!

I’m not sure how I feel right now. I’m part intimidated, part ready to sleep for 5 days straight, part excitable. On Monday I’ll find out how many other women are in my class. Here’s hoping it is 15 or under! I have my nails done, my posing suit, my competition heels, my glitzy bracelet and earrings, my NPC card, my bikini bite, my posing oil should be here Tuesday. Laura will test my body fat for the third and final time on Tuesday morning. I really hope it is at 13 point something percent. It’s a reasonable hope based on the last reading (15.1%) and my behavior since then. I have visible veins everywhere. I find it extremely entertaining and simultaneously freaky. I have a very cool hairdresser, Amy, she thinks this whole thing I’m up to is really interesting and inspiring. She had me flex for one of her coworkers today too, then I showed her my arm veins and her eyes got huge. I understand; they’re pretty surreal in person! That pic up there doesn’t do them justice (wish I had a DSLR!), but gives you an idea of them.

Speaking of cool people in my life, Laura, my PT, is so inspirational. She’s a kinesiology major and she really knows her stuff. Her goal is to get her pro card. She competes in the bikini class (less bulk than figure, but they have to work equally hard to train) and she is hardcore. She just did a competition one week ago and she’s also doing Ecup. So what is she doing in between, in addition to her regular training? Boot camp! Boot camp that meets 3 days a week and is put on by a former NFL guy! She has 4 competitions behind her and has taken as high as 2nd place. When she gets her first 1st place finish, damn, it will be deserved =) P.S. I think this boot camp business relates to the very challenging plyos session she put me through this afternoon. I was shocked at how hard the abs set was. Click on the list – all of those abs moves will make you hurt 3 reps in – no joke.

It’s really fun to have fake nails again. I got them regularly for a brief time, but that was 7ish years ago when my friend Brooke and I used to get them together. That was a happy time in my life, even though I was totally gym-less then, haha. Miss seeing more of you Brooke! I’ll probably keep my nails a month or so beyond the competition for fun =)

I’m all over the board tonight aren’t I? That last pic is C and I being big dorks in the kitchen when I was taking the vein pic. He likes to “flex” his big shoulder-padded in Spider-man muscles. We’re, uh, not your average family ;)


143.5 grams Protein 188.7 grams Carbs 54.3 grams Fat

Cal Tally

1,817.5 Cals Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(762) Training Burn*
(392.5) Net Loss =)

Guesstimated the 50 min ploys session at 450 cals

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