Monday, April 4, 2011

I Like to Breathe in the Testosterone

That’s white roughy (5 oz. portion) baked with lime and salt and pepper and served on a bed of kale sautéed up with bacon, garlic, and balsamic. Yes, bacon. I can afford the 5 grams of fat in 1 slice and it makes the kale rich and yummy. I threw in the two tasty green olives for a last minute salt rush.

Stats: 27.5 grams protein 7.3 grams carbs 8.8 grams fat 218 cals

Day 87

Monday, April 4, 2011

I really love my fake tan. I love being tan in general, if not for that whole kill me off with skin cancer bit I’d take a daily 15 minute nap in a tanning bed. I’d like to live to be a crotchety 93-year-old woman out at the bar having a long island iced tea with my lifelong friends (or more likely sipping coffee at home ;) though so I resist the siren call of the sunlamp.

Being tan in my hot pink tank top and black capris in a weight-room packed almost 100% with college boys is highly entertaining. There’s just something totally invigorating about being the only girl in there, many days there are other girls, but seemingly never more than 3-4 of us. Don’t worry, I don’t want to find a date next to my weights, lol. I tend to go at lunch and it tends to be packed then. This correlates with my getting some of the best mental pumps and consequently some of my “heavy” weight records.

I’m a very competitive personality and the more packed the weight room is, the more in the zone I get and the higher weights and additional sets I log to show for it. My favorite thing is when I spy a guy using the same or lighter weight than me for the same exercise. This entertains the crap out of me in that I can be all girly in my pink, weigh 20-50 lbs less than the guy, not have anywhere near his amount of testosterone (women have a little) yet lift the same or more. I don't see it as him being emasculated or anything like that, I just like to have my think I'm a tough chick moments. I like to poke fun at everything, so my other “theory” is that there’s a bunch of testosterone in the air in there and that breathing it in ups my upper body strength and explains the heavy pumps I’ve gotten in that weight room ;)

I had a freak injury there today. I was training back and shoulders. Thankfully, I had finished with free weights before it happened, as getting a good grip on a dumbbell afterwards would have been a bitch. I was removing a metal short bar with D-handles from the seated cable row pulley and the damn thing had a sharp spot in the metal that sliced my thumb tip wide open. It was a total gusher too. The guy manning the desk was nice, and apparently not squeamish, about helping me get a bunch of tape on there. I had to come back twice more for more tape because the damn thing kept wanting to soak through. I finished my workout. I didn’t get to do my pull-ups though, too much tape for a good grip. It was down to a dribble by the time I finished my cardio and tore it all off to rebandage. I’m now wearing a Toy Story band aid, snazzy.

I workout with nasty headaches (yesterday and lasting into the 30 min of cardio this morning at 6:20 am) I workout while bleeding (hygienically under wraps) I had my son with no drugs and still have my “I’m tough” souvenir sealed bottle of hydrocodone they gave me after that I never used. I like to think I’m not a whiner. My issue is not a lack of will, nah, it’s a lack of time in the day. What I wouldn’t give for the freedom to be at the gym daily without a 90 minute limit, without a 2 hour limit, without other pressing things that are getting put off to be there, without putting off needed sleep to clear some, but not all of those things later. I sure dream a lot for someone who doesn't sleep much. Maybe I should go buy a Lotto ticket ;)

I screwed up my cal budget today. I didn’t do anything outlandish or outright rebellious, I just didn’t track. Most days I tally macros before starting each subsequent meal. That way, I know if a particular macro, or total cals, are running high while it is still early enough to catch and fix. Today I just tallied up for the first time two hours ago and found I was already at 1,737 cals with macros along the usual ratios. Crap. I still had one more meal coming and skipping the meal was not an option as that leads me to binge from hunger or wind up going too many hours in the night without muscle maintenance fuel. So:


185.6 grams Protein 167.2 grams Carbs 60.5 grams Fat

Cal Tally

1,955.7 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(1,006) Training (355 am cardio + 453 1 hr & 10 min weights 198 pm cardio)
(498.3) Net Loss =)

Why is my cal budget only 1,800 when I still run a net loss at higher intakes? Yeah, I don't know. I know a lot of other figure girls eat far less than I do, so somehow that translated into my deciding to cap my budget at 1,800 daily for the last 3 weeks to be competitive or something. Or, put another way: I don't actually know what the hell I'm doing. Remember? This whole thing is a crazy experiment ;)

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