Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Kiddo Keeps Me In Line

Day 90

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nope! Not going to do the pizza aka crap-loading thing. I didn’t look bloated this morning, but there was no dramatic difference in my muscle shape or fullness either. I did, however, weigh exactly 1.5 lbs more than the day prior. Day to day weight fluctuations are totally normal, but I’m not going to eat something the night before the competition that incites an upswing in my weight. I’ll also feel much more prepared mentally if I eat chicken and oatmeal the night before. If I eat completely clean I’ll feel smart and prepared going in. This sport may appear physical, but when it comes down to pulling it off the biggest feat is mindset maintenance, no question.

So I have my real PT Laura who totally rocks, but I also have a live in very influential personal trainer. His name is Charlie, he’ll be 4 later this month, and I should listen to him all the time. He tried to stop me from ordering that pizza yesterday. He kept saying he’d rather have the salmon (king, fresh, on sale, woohoo!) we’d gotten at the store. I finally talked him into going pro pizza with promises of delivery being exciting. He was right though, we should have had the salmon. We had it tonight and it was deliciously tasty. It is so rich compared to the fish I’ve had lately due to the higher fat content that eating a small portion works – you still feel satisfied.

Today my only free time was between 9 am and 12 pm and I REALLY needed to, ya know, do some of those assignments from that full load of accounting classes I keep on the side ;) It is really hard to want to prioritize anything but The Emerald Cup this close, but I can’t blow off the obligations that existed prior and in the grand scheme probably take precedence. I was worried it could mean a skip day so I did a full 50 minutes for am cardio instead of the usual 25-30. When evening rolled around and we got home from school I asked C what he wanted to do: stay home or go to the gym? He was all pro gym. I was all tired and complacent and I tried to sell him the merits of staying home. No go. He was really insistent, stuck to his guns on this one. I’m glad he did though, he was right. I would have had regrets if we hadn’t gone. We only stayed one hour instead of the usual two though as going at all was pushing Mr. Non-napper’s bedtime as it was. He gets excited to see his gym friends and I think he is overall largely in it for the shake he often talks me into getting him on the way out =) I trained back and abs while we were there: two variations of lat pulldowns, dumbbell bent over single rows, two variations of seated cable rows, straight arm dumbbell pullovers, DB Decline Push Crunches, and DB Side Bends.

I am very pleased with how I ate today: totally clean. Great macro ratios and under my cal budget too. I started a new class today. It is totally outside of my realm: it’s an every other week dialogue group on creative learning. It’s just one credit and it is pass/fail which is perfect. What was so funny though is that when I showed up they had bowls of those pink and white frosted and rainbow sprinkle covered animal shaped cookies sitting out everywhere for munching. Haha, I didn’t touch them! I did have a small handful of the pretzels, my carbs still clocked in low today and they appeared to be whole grain pretzels :P If I take 13 credits instead of 12 for a few quarters I can avoid having to take another 16 credit quarter, thus the desire for a one credit class. I can do 16 credits, but it’s a gpa killer and a major stress upper. Most importantly, I suck at giving Charlie undivided focus when we’re home with 16 credits and that’s not fair to him. With 12-13 I have enough breathing room to prioritize our quality time together.


151.3 grams Protein 147 grams Carbs 52.2 grams Fat

Cal Tally

1,663 Ingested
(1,448) BMR
(892) Training Burn
(677) Net Loss =)

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  1. It is not because I am your mother that I am so totally impressed with you. I would be even if I had just happened upon your blog. I love your writing (mindset maintenance - what a phrase!) and your thinking and your devotion to Charlie and your goals, and your positive spirit, and just happen to be the luckiest person I can imagine because you are my daughter. Sorry to gush publicly, but that's how I feel.