Sunday, May 5, 2013

Challenge - Nothing Better!

I haven’t blogged anything since before the holidays because I haven’t done anything fitness minded since then. Up until two weeks ago that is.

I've started jogging and I’m in the middle of completing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I've never been a runner, actually aside from rare impulses I've historically been the anti-runner. I've also been historically anti-supplements, protein powder aside.

The weather has been getting nice, and unlike this time last year, I now spend all day in an office. This makes it hard to want to go back indoors to the gym after work. I want to be out in the fresh air. I've also been sitting all day so I need to do something. Further, running is social. I find that if I go with my husband or a friend I will run longer, won’t give in to walk breaks, and will post a substantially improved overall pace. I've been using an iPhone app called MapMyRun that is great. I have the free version, but it still gives me a route map, elevation, splits, max and min pace, and mileage. The mileage tracking seems fairly accurate – coming in within 5-8% of the distance per my running buddy’s Garmin.

My immediate goal is to be able to run 6 miles without a walk break. My max thus far has been 4.35. A goal of 7 seems overly ambitious and my son just turned 6 so what the hey, 6 it is =)
Why is Advocare working for me?

Simple psychology mostly =)


            It’s a challenge. Sure all dieting is, but this one ups the ante. No coffee, no sugar, no alcohol, minimal to no dairy. If you didn't know the only time I haven’t drunk coffee daily since 7th grade was when I was pregnant with my son and the first 8 months of his life. I also usually prioritize it in any diet.   My sweet tooth is major, dairy is my lean protein go to (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt), and I've taken to regularly unwinding with an evening glass of port in recent months. Giving up the things I tell myself I’m dependent on is fun. No, really. The feeling is a good one =)

2.       I paid $170 for the kit. I am fully capable of dieting on my own without pre-assembled and organized supplementation. However, by that means there is no incentive to stick with it. When you've bought into something (literally!) there’s a strong incentive to get what you paid for.  Nobody wants to not achieve what was possible solely because they chose to slack. This motivation my not drive everyone, but it works for me.
3.       The kit is made up of good stuff =)

My favorite item is Spark, a sugar free 45 calorie / serving energy drink packing a little caffeine, lots of B vitamins, and other bits and pieces of a proprietary blend. It looks like Kool-Aid, tastes a helluva lot better and totally does it for me. Who knew? I already ordered two tubs of it for after I complete my challenge because I am planning to stay off coffee. Yes. Off coffee. This girl.

The first 10 days, aka the cleanse phase involve Spark, herbal cleanse pills, a fiber supplement, probiotics, and OmegaPlex fatty acids. I felt good for the first 10 days and have only just begun the Max phase. What challenges me about the Max phase is trading my precious breakfast of steel cut oats and two egg whites or Kashi 7 Grain waffles and a scoop of protein for a meal replacement shake. I was pleased to find out this morning that the Chocolate Mocha shake is damn tasty, but I still find a liquid only start to the day challenging. I expect it will be easier on weekdays when I’m rushed.

I’m starting to crave the diet. Protein, complex carbs, lots of veggies, and fruit. Tonight I had an orange with dinner that was amazing. It was so sweet and delicious It was better than cake. 

I didn't take measurements to track the challenge because I know I don’t work out anywhere near enough to see the kind of resultsI earned back when I started this blog. My goals are nice simplistic ones:

1.       Feel better.
2.       Flatten my middle.
3.       Fit into a pair of jeans I miss.

I've met the first goal already, feel like I’m on my way to my second and recognize that a continued commitment to better health after the challenge will net me number three.
I’m not a would be figure girl anymore, just an accountant, a mom, and a wife who sits too much, but maintains big ideas about life =)

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