Thursday, November 7, 2013

Running is Magical

Running is Magical
When I last blogged the farthest I had run without a walk break was 4.35 miles and my goal was 6 miles. Well apparently running is addictive J Since then I've run 6 races, instead of 6 miles.

The Chuckanut Footrace in July (7 miles) - A mostly flat point to point between two parks.

The Chuckanut Mountain 12k in July – a really neat straight up for the first half and back down the mountain for the second half race. Probably still my favorite race to date. This is a great thing as the same race director is also putting on my upcoming first marathon. 

The Cinderella Trail Half Marathon in August – a very challenging trail half in the hills of Northern California. Put on by Coastal Trail Runs.
The Skagit Flats Half Marathon in September -  a nice flat Boston Marathon Qualifier course.

The Bellingham Bay Half Marathon in September – a gorgeous course encompassing my favorite piece of waterfront.
The tech on the chip timing for this race was awesome. I was able to sign up beforehand and my split time at the halfway point as well as my finish time automatically and instantaneously posted to my Facebook wall while I was still on the course.

The Lake Padden Trail Half Marathon in October – a small local trail half put on for a good cause. Special treats included a fantastic race photographer and hot delicious locally made soup awaiting the fog chilled runners at the finish line.

My approach to running from the onset back in April has been “go big or go home.” With that first 3 mile run that meant starting my route with an intimidating 0.6 mile uphill. With my first half marathon that meant trail and elevation instead of flat and traditional.

I've been meaning to write a post entitled “Running is Magical” for months now, but with my most 
anticipated go big or go home moment (or more 
likely +/- 6 hours) aka The Bellingham Trail Marathon (the best of local single track trails, 4 major climbs, and 5,000 feet of elevation gain) coming up this weekend I figured I had better get on it as that race will be deserving of a post all its own.

When I started running staying motivated to not take any walk breaks was my mantra, but then I discovered trail running where everybody but the elite walk up the hills. Now I love both.

I've had a few changes since I last blogged, mainly getting divorced, again, shortly after that last post. For me though, that has made running magical. When you’re out in the woods, or better yet out in the rain, with your favorite music, or just the rhythm of pace and breathing, it creates a sieve of meditation from which all that ails you can simply drain away onto the forest path.

Beyond that, every added mile becomes a can do. If I can run this much farther I can overcome / get past / get over / figure out / conquer …… anything. Running is quite a handy thing to go do if anything, little or large, is weighing on you.

Besides that, all the trail runners I've met are inclusive, friendly, and warm in spirit.

Running - I can’t recommend it enough :)

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